We need some translation help! ( Arabic and Italian)


Hello international :brain:s and :hearts:s!

How to ADHD needs some translation help and we’d love if you guys would be able to help us!

We would like some sort of meaning-wise translation for “You are different, you are beautiful, and you are not alone.”. The needed translation languages are: Arabic, Italian.

Please respond below if you are able to translate! (It should be noted that we prefer actual speakers, be them native or fluent bilinguals. We do not want something from an internet translator as those have a tendency to be unreliable and we want to make sure we do justice to the language. :slight_smile: )

Thank you! :grin:


I’m about to ask my cousin to have a go (Italian living in the UK). But I am already wondering how you (and organisations in general) deal with languages that have three ways to do this, (masculine, feminine and plural, and that’s not counting the formal versions or all-female audiences).

(edited to add, I just texted my cousin, and asked her about that too, of course :grin:


I didn’t get a yes or no about the translation (yet) as the other discussion turned out to be more interesting (maybe the adhd is from that side if the family too? :grin:)

But I just reminded her so she might do it after all.

And the answer to the other question is:

Traditionally, organisations just addressed everyone as though they were a man, and women and girls just had to assume they were being addressed too. Most women (probably) don’t feel excluded, but some, including my cousin, do get annoyed by this (which must be exhausting, but I suspect I would get annoyed too, even though it’s like tilting at windmills).

However! These days some organisations, for example one called ‘arcigay’ which I am guessing is a gay rights organisation, bring out ads etc in two versions. [edited to add: have now checked, and yes, it’s the biggest LGBTI organisation in Italy, apparently]

If we are talking hardcopy this must cost more, but I don’t know if the coats increase in the same way for digital/internet campaigns.

Obviously, I am hoping that any adhd campaign would specifically include girls and women in the message, as there is already a huge lack of awareness that we even get adhd in the first place. So any information aimed at (young?) brains would then serve a double function of waking up any reader/viewer to the idea that brains are not only boys.


Me again :slight_smile:

This is my cousin’s reply:

“Sei diversa, sei bella (così come sei?), non sei sola.
I’m not a very good translator!”

So she gives two options, ‘you’re beautiful’ and ‘you’re beautiful the way you are’ - which is less strong than the original English version (and to my British ears could even mean ‘you’re not beautiful, I am just being kind’ :sweat_smile:)

So just using the version closest to what you asked for:

For girls/women:
Sei diversa, sei bella, non sei sola.

And so:
For boys/men/traditionally for everyone:
Sei diverso, sei bello, non sei solo.

But that last one I adjusted myself, so I will check back with my cousin if you actually say bello to a man. (What if it’s like in English we dont call a man pretty?)

Edited to add, she says the male version is fine. :+1:


Hello !!
This is an Arabic translation for
"You are different, you are beautiful, and you are not alone.”

For female : " أنتِ مختلفة ، انتِ جميلة ، ولستِ لوحدكِ "
For male : " أنتَ مختلف ، انتَ رائع ، ولستَ لوحدكَ "

For the male i changed the word " beautiful" to “wonderful” but if you want the exact word you can write it like these :
" أنتَ مختلف ، انتَ جميل ، ولستَ لوحدكَ"

I hope i was helpful heart