Website that gathers data about adhd treatment from self-reports

This seems to be a promising and cool project. It seems genuine but it is also hard to say if the data you enter is safe as the project is new. I think supporting it is worth the risk and they’re looking for volunteers as well.

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Thats great thanks for sharing, do you know if they require personal data or is it anonymous?

Nice site, thanks. I’m in.

Phone or Facebook required to sign in? Likely to remove “fake” participants, but for me its a red flag for privacy issues. Email isn’t much better, but there are ways of dealing with that…

I don’t get what private info a person could tell them about their ADHD that could hurt anybody. It’s not like telling how to stop your heart or something like that.

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Yes, if I remember correctly, they require a first name and email address or Facebook. I have been looking at who is behind the project, and her (don’t remember the name) inspiration for founding it was that her daughter had mental illness and she spent a long time searching for what works. This is what got me to trust them

It’s more like they could harness your data and sell them I guess? But google has probably already done this so it’s too late to be paranoid.

I don’t intend to buy anything from anyone, so probably nothing harmful :slight_smile:

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