Weekend Flop


Hi :brain: Brains.

I have a management role, can have workaholic tendencies but generally have the work week down pat.

But I struggle with only having “NOW” and “Not Now” time. Which at work I get help from others with and at home I don’t.

Result is - weekends I tend to:

  • Fail to plan ahead for social time
  • Not get much done
  • walk in circles
  • Feel sorry for myself /negative re self talk having no friends.
  • end up researching shit or you tubing for hours
  • don’t make the most of my R&R time

I would love to hear how others manage this. Strategies you’ve used that might have helped or any other tips.

Much appreciated.


Weekends are hard.

Re: Social time, do you use a calendar at all? Google calendar? A pocket calendar? A bujo?
You could try to set some social time for the weekend by reaching out ahead of time by setting reminders to reach out to people you desire social time with.

Also schedule your R&R time. It’s easier to remember to do it when you actually set a time for it and have a notification that reminds you HEY TAKE THAT NICE WARM BATH YOU WANT or HEY TIME TO GET READY FOR THE SPA followed by HEY TIME TO LEAVE FOR THE SPA. :slight_smile:

I would recommend the time management videos, as well! I’ll link them below so you don’t have to go searching for them. :grin:

if you struggle to prioritize what to do on the weekend.


Thank you so, so much! I will watch these on rotation until it all sinks in a little more and I start to move some improvement.

I’d love to know how others do with this and how you schedule your weekends.


Time blocking.

So much time blocking.

My Saturday mornings, barring any important appointment or event, consist of waking up, gathering laundry, dragging said laundry to the car, dropping off said laundry, getting lunch, filling up the gas tank in my car, getting groceries, coming home, putting away said groceries, cleaning up the kitchen, living area and dining area… then doing whatever else I need to do oooor doing fun things. Sunday i pick up laundry and that’s it. I try very hard to keep to this schedule. I sometimes work my errands around other things if necessary, but I try REALLY hard to keep it a static routine. I also use the crap out of google calendar so I can keep track of things I want to do… including movies, massages, etc. :sweat_smile: