What are you good at?


I’ve focused what I wasn’t good at and now I want to focus on what I am good at. What are you good at?


Music. You?


sleeping :smile:


Research. I’ve always been very good at following rabbit holes into topics and finding interesting information. I rely on this skill daily at work, where I’m completely unqualified to do the things I do but manage because I can find answers online.

Unfortunately it doesn’t carry over well into reading books. I’ve hardly read anything on paper since college, even though I’ve wanted to :frowning: glances guiltily at red hat training book under desk


Philosophy, people with ADHD tend to think outside the box. Our brains connects patterns other people don’t see, because they compartmentalize their thoughts.


I can’t say I’m good at anything right now. I’ve spent too many years focusing on trying to be better at what I wasn’t good at. I learned from ADHD podcasts they say we should focus on spending our time focusing on what we’re good at.


Sad but true. It’s really hard to get that voice out of your head that keeps nagging “you should do this more and focus on that”, especially when that voice is amplified by people around you. Takes some serious deprogramming.

Still, even the people (and voices) who keep nagging about my putting-myself-out-there skills and how I should learn to say no but not to the things they suggest - even those agree I’m pretty good at some things. I’m sure you can think of some things, too?

For me, it’s storytelling, especially graphic storytelling. Writing in general. Digging deep into theories and drawing connections when there aren’t supposed to be any. Coding. Anything that has a logical system to it, really. Also, pointing out when it doesn’t.

People also keep saying I’m really good at listening but I have no idea why. Maybe because I stop interrupting them when my mind wanders off?


Hey good question. I’ll try to answer.

I think I’m good at writing, everyone around (those who read my texts) are saying that I should keep going. I’m also good at finding ideas. It’s not often but sometimes I can inspire peoples around me with a single “eureka” moment and even if its small, I love it.

Talking. I can talk for hours.

Mmh that’s it I guess ^^


I love my parents but they are pretty emotionally unsupportive. My brother has been around this past year helping me through a tuff time. He helps me prepare when I got to say something to someone he kinda tells me what to say what not to say and that helps. He reads difficult paperwork and helps me with that. I’m not good at anything but I’m trying and I’m really trying to get a feel for what I’m naturally good at. I haven’t figured it out and I’m trying because believe I’m going to be so happy when I discover this :slight_smile:


Maybe your brother can help you figure that out. Or really anybody who knows you well enough. Half the things I listed above were things I wouldn’t have thought I’m good at myself but that people told me I was.


I really dont know any of my talents since i never discovered them. :sweat_smile: I’d say im kind of a “jack of all trades, master of none”. :rofl: If something is interesting i can hyprfocus for some days just to lose my interest again. So i started a ton of hobbies and never ever got really good at anything but complaining. :sweat_smile: Maybe it’s gaming. Almost 18 years of gamingexperience (started with “Severance Blade of Darkness” when i was 6 with my older Brother) but thats nothing to be proud of.

Last month i bought a stagepiano (e-piano) so i will try to stick with it but without a proper teacher i do not think i will get anywhere. :persevere: Online schools are good and all but lacking self-discipline that wont work forever :pensive:


Right now I’m enjoying and feel like I’m doing good with this dot to dot mindfulness workbook.


I don’t know. I’ve tried so many things and failed at so many things it’s hard to know.

Maybe trying new things?! That’s hardly a marketable skill! :ocean:


Music, repairing stuff


What am I good at… Putting up a front, acting.
Everyone close to me sees smiles and happiness yet quite the opposite on the inside.
But I try I guess I’m good at trying.


I don’t think I’ve ever been really great at anything. What about what do you enjoy doing? For the last 2 years I’m all about my yard. I got a big backyard fully landscaped and I wanted to keep it up. The first time I trimmed the bushes, I made the pervious owner cry cause I didn’t know how much or which branch to cut ended up cutting all off. Lucky they grew back then the next season I told myself trim. Basically I noticed with each time I make an effort I’m getting a little better. Still have a long way to go and I’m now interested in finding some local gardening group to learn more. What about you? Is there any hobby you have?


I really enjoy drawing with charcoal pencils. Light and shadow. Photography when I used to use a real camera.


That is really cool, I’ve always thought it would be cool to do mural on an entire wall in your house. People pay good money for that. That’s a real great talent


@Lovinit thank you. It would be nice to have time to do it more. But I don’t have the discipline to devote myself to one thing… :frowning: sound familiar, anyone?


Someone close to me told me I never stick with anything. I didn’t realize and then she listed all the things/jobs I had and tried