What are you good at?


Technology-very good at learning new tech and implementing in business purposes and problem solving. A large portion of my job requires responding to customer deficiencies and quick revenue driving solutions. I literally won’t stop until i’ve identified and implemented the resolution to satisfy both my and my customer’s needs.


What I am probably best at, is finding an interest in so many things. And when my interest has been awoken, I’ll begin my research. So I’m good at many things (gardening, investing, music, knitting, sowing, organising, solving problems and so on) but master of none. My interest come easily, but remains not as easily - or it’s more like in every interest I have, I come to a certain point where I don’t have the patience to keep up the work to master a thing. And I have yet to come up with a profession where you need to be a Jack of all trades. Any suggestions? Or same experiences?


I’m good at teaching young adults and adults, I know I can make my seminars fun and lively. And I always find a different way to explain things, if someone doesn’t understand it right away.
I’m also good at problem solving and creating new things.

I also like my photos. :smiley:


The problem I find is that while I’m good at a number of things, I haven’t been able to make them pay for the food on my table.

Creative writing, flying, cat wrestling, listening, giving good advice (which I am rarely able to take myself), problem solving, team building, walking for 20 hours straight, driving, abstract thought, history, analysis, maths (i’ve been reduced to simple maths these days), designing and making plans (but not following through), diplomacy, business (so far I’ve only been able to make other people rich through working for their businesses), customer support, doing all the 1% jobs that other people forget about.

I’m sure I’m good at other things too, but my mood at the moment is not very conducive to positivity.

As far as art goes… I’m getting into resin art. Basically, it’s art for people who have absolutely zero traditional art skills. That’s me! :wink:

A little complicated to get all the materials together, but looks like lots of fun. Just waiting for my resin to arrive from eBay…

Have a look at this… The interesting stuff starts happening from around 5:30

Here is another one. I kind of like this one more,


I’m good at overcomplicating simple tasks. For instance, I just spent 30 min trying to think of a response :sweat_smile:


Wow! That’s really cool!


It’s pretty nifty. I made a piece last week. Not so over the moon about how it turned out, but I’m a fair way up the learning curve now so the next piece will be better I hope.

I didn’t have my table quite level, so on my second layer, the redish colours slid across into the corner before the layer cured, sort of ruining the curve I intended. I had to slide it back a few times, and it got a bit more wishy-washy (technical term) than it was before it slid. The finish is a little bumpy because of that, and my cheap pigments clumped a little. I’ll mix them better next time.

Another technique which can look pretty cool, is to use acrylic paints and a “pouring medium”, without resin at all. Materials would be much cheaper, and less mucking about. Here is one I like…


I got sidetracked, so unlike me…

Instead of having another try at resin, I managed to get hold of an ancient wood lathe for peanuts. Then I had to buy some tools and a chuck… All up they cost me significantly more than the lathe, and the tools I bought are only 1.5 steps above rubbish.

So… I made a 50c bowl out of crappy pine, and it only took me three days!

Here is a before and after. The bowl is the “after”, and the sleeper it’s sitting on is the “before”. I turned the bowl from a chunk of that sleeper.


great work Smoj. really nice!


Wow! You’re so talented!!


I am good with dexterity also, as a child i was chosen in my elementary for special art classes… it was there where I would shine. Those art classes were the only place I seemed to do exceptional, but sadly When I went to 7th grade Middle schools and higher grades, the schools I went to weren’t art specific and they didn’t have any art programs to nurture my love for it.

Every once in a while, I have picked up some acrylic paint, brushes a canvas for personal satisfaction and just play around with painting. But, Now in my older years i think I am going to start looking for actually taking a class .
Thank you for reminding me… of something that I love so much.
I made this one paintings a long time ago a copy of a Picasso when I had no money to buy art for my living room…


Thanks so much. But I think the real key to looking talented is to do something easy that nobody else has tried.

I surprised myself with the bowl, I was quite happy with it. But I am also aware of every imperfection, and the curve isn’t quite perfect. So I can’t claim to be truly talented. Maybe with years of practise.

Those two pieces are nothing fancy compared to the things that some of the real pros are doing on Youtube. Luckily, I was able to learn enough to do these by watching the really talented people.

I’ve got some ideas for new projects which I can truly be proud of if I manage to pull them off.


Wow! That’s really cool! You actually have real talent, not an imposter like me! :smile: Nice colour tone and you have a real feel.

I always liked playing with colour, playing with my hands. But never actually had any manual art skills apart from an eye.

So I’m really enjoying messing around with this stuff.

Seeing that piece, I really think you should get back into it!

Actually, those two pieces are the first two of my millions of projects that I’ve actually finished in ages. And two in the space of a few weeks!

Hopefully I’ll have another one to put up here tomorrow or the day after. I meant to start it today, but had other stuff to do.


Thank you ,Smoj.
You are amazing talented and I wish I could carve like that!!


Thanks again. :blush:

You can carve like that. You just don’t know how.


Here’s a vid that blew me away.

This guy has real talent. Not just with his wood turninjg, but they way he teaches as well.

Don’t get hung up on the technical terms he uses (he’s tralking to people who’ve been doing this for years), but if you just watch what he does, you’ll realise how easy it is.

Easy to learn but difficult to master.

In another video (maybe this one) he talks about how he prefers not to teach kids younger than 10. And only because they don’t understand that spinning metal can grab shirt sleeves and take your arm off, or at least scare the snot out of you. Otherwise, it’s easy enough for a young kid to learn.


Artist here


Here are some of my Artworks I did I’m a Digital Artist and Comic Artist


I have this Idea to make self help comic story but I’m yet good in writing stories


I think this is pretty common. We are aware of every imperfection because we work with our creation for so long and pay hyper attention. Most everyone else looks at the bigger picture and appreciates it. I bet even you will stop noticing little imperfections after a while! I have had similar experience building bookshelves & other carpentry projects, wallpapering, painting, etc.

Your bowl looks very very nice!

Your “crappy pine” sleeper looks pretty good to me. Wood around here (SF Bay area) is so expensive. I do have a wood lathe but haven’t used it in a very long time (and my last attempt was so bad it demotivated me).