What are you good at?


I have a few crochet bunny’s without head’s and limbs, a dress that is just a few cm long, and sooo many half projects waiting desperatly for some attention haha
I always get way to excited and than I get bored…


I’m good at art and making things :slight_smile: and procrastinating, and taking mental detours and getting lost in the internet
I bet you’re really good at something you’ve been ignoring or dismissing because you don’t think its important. Dive deep, we all have our strengths and our loves and the things we lose ourselves in. Is there something that you consistently hyperfocus on?


@Becky , there was a knitting shop in London that ran an exhibition of everyones unfinished projects, I thought BRILLIANT I’ll send them everything thats sitting there stuck half finished and making me feel inadequate so I gathered all mine together to send them, it was a massive parcel, I was really excited to be free of it…but of course I was late and by the time I got round to being organised enough to send all my stuff the exhibition was over!


I am good at research, writing, and conceptual thinking. I love to problem solve. I’m good at conveying thoughts and emotions. I am good at empathy. (That last one sounds weird when thought of as a skill!) I am good at being a mom. I am good at knowing my strengths and being confident in who I am. I’m good at showing people kindness. I like me! I might be a hot mess sometimes and I struggle with a TON of things, but I like who I am.


Creative writing, horse training, making friends, sleeping, and coding. If you’re having trouble finding a “thing,” I might suggest you try coding; idk if it’s a thing or not, but I’ve really noticed a higher proportion of ADHDers in tech. I wonder if the hands-on nature of the work is appealing to us and our distractible brains. You can code as quickly as you want - you don’t have to wait for anyone. No patience required. If you get bored, you can run the code you have so far and see what it does. It’s a billion tiny tasks that you do at your own pace, rather than one giant task that takes ages and loads of patience.


Playing, writing, and performing rock ‘n roll. Also, Tour Sound Reinforcement. Yep. We aim the instruments (lights), hang the monitors, and run the boards. BEST. JOB. EVER.


I don’t now a thing about code so because I don’t I guess I never thought about it being possible. I dated a guy who was writing software for ibm and I looked at his computer and it was black screen with green numbers 0 and 2 I believe covered the screen and aparantly that was what he was writing. I had a horse Pepe from 2013 to 1018 I did hunter jumper


Haha! Code can look intimidating. But if you’re interested, I’m sure you’ll pick it up quickly! And that’s such a cute horse name!! I’ve never owned a horse, but I do hunter jumper and western. I ride on a drill team and love rescue Clydesdales!


what do you enjoy doing?


Blah! Lo😂L we chatted before sorry. Any new pictures you can share?


I’m good at writing, giving advice, listening (apparently!) and playing music :slight_smile:


Try something creative or physical a lot of adhders are good at those types of things.


I want a job/career I’m good at. ?


Police, army, trainer, teacher, care giver, such ass nurse sitter, dog walker, help people with disabilities. Art graphic designer, marketing, park ranger, author, post office worker,


I’ve done a lot of house sitting dog sitting and once helped an old lady, and I did those jobs good but the money isn’t consistent.
I want to get a job with the post office as a mail carrier but I don’t know how to begin. I don’t know what steps to take. Can you help me get started? :grimacing: