What are you good at?


Thank you ,Smoj.
You are amazing talented and I wish I could carve like that!!


Thanks again. :blush:

You can carve like that. You just don’t know how.


Here’s a vid that blew me away.

This guy has real talent. Not just with his wood turninjg, but they way he teaches as well.

Don’t get hung up on the technical terms he uses (he’s tralking to people who’ve been doing this for years), but if you just watch what he does, you’ll realise how easy it is.

Easy to learn but difficult to master.

In another video (maybe this one) he talks about how he prefers not to teach kids younger than 10. And only because they don’t understand that spinning metal can grab shirt sleeves and take your arm off, or at least scare the snot out of you. Otherwise, it’s easy enough for a young kid to learn.


Artist here


Here are some of my Artworks I did I’m a Digital Artist and Comic Artist


I have this Idea to make self help comic story but I’m yet good in writing stories


I think this is pretty common. We are aware of every imperfection because we work with our creation for so long and pay hyper attention. Most everyone else looks at the bigger picture and appreciates it. I bet even you will stop noticing little imperfections after a while! I have had similar experience building bookshelves & other carpentry projects, wallpapering, painting, etc.

Your bowl looks very very nice!

Your “crappy pine” sleeper looks pretty good to me. Wood around here (SF Bay area) is so expensive. I do have a wood lathe but haven’t used it in a very long time (and my last attempt was so bad it demotivated me).


That’s cool as hell… I would need a work shop for tackling a hobby like that… lol… I will leave that for you the artist sculptor.


I’m good at reading, writing, being creative. I’m also good at trying to find ways to stop procrastinating- but then I end up procrastinating more by trying to find ways not to procrastinate…


This video would’ve been very handy when I was trying woodturning…

I used to watch Roy Underhill’s Woodright’s Shop on PBS. I did build one bookshelf using just hand tools. Made dado cuts and all with a hand saw! But I never had the patience or expertise to build anything more complex with just hand tools. And yes, I was very aware of all the mistakes I made but now years later I can’t remember or see my mistakes and that bookshelf has held up extremely well!

You can find some videos on Youtube.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy with how it turned out as my first piece. I just have a few “notes to self” for next time.

I started the bowl with no clear plan, just winged it, and thought about what that guy did with a similar sort of curve in a different video after I’d started cutting.

So I tried to remember how he defined the curve, but I didn’t quite get it right. Also my crappy tools/technique left a finish on the inside of the bowl that could have been better. Next time.

But as far as getting me up the learning curve a little, I’m happy.

My lathe is a 40 year old cheap but solid type. Made in Switzerland. Good motor, but simple. And not entirely straight either. The main things are straight enough to turn on (now I’ve fixed them), but the tool rest and some other things are still a little bent. Good to learn on. And if I ever get a better lathe, I’ll appreciate it more.

On mine, everything takes longer to adjust. For example, there is no “speed” dial. If I want it faster or slower, I have to stop it, physically lift the motor and move the drive belt from one set of drive pulleys to another, then drop the motor. I have three speeds. I can lock the spindle by shoving a long, rusty nail I pulled from a pallet into a hole in the head stock. But it works (sort of).

I did woodwork for a year at school. I really sucked. Disengaged teacher, boring projects without much guidance… I had to hand chisel out a groove across the grain, and I could only tear chunks out. Nasty. I never really thought about wood work again after that.

I preferred metal work. And worked on my first lathe there, which I really enjoyed.

I was actually searching for a metal lathe when I found my wood lathe. A cheap metal lathe is a high speed accident waiting to happen, whereas a cheap wood lathe has better odds of survival. My mate thinks I’m stupid for even thinking about getting a lathe for less than $20,000. He doesn’t know I actually bought one for less than $200. I had a small windfall, and it all went into the lathe and tools, instead of food and bills.

Another friend of mine gave me a try at a wood lathe in the 90s. And I finally realised that I could enjoy working with wood.

If I’d not had a chance to try working on lathes, I’m sure that it would never have occurred to me that I could actually do it.

I still have little aspiration to try a book case, or rocking chair or whatever. Maybe later.

Just the cheapest stuff I could find to practise on. Nice easy soft wood. Until I have the money to get some harder wood. And then I’ll need decent tools to work with it.

It’s treated pine though, and the finish I put on it is chemical based, so can’t even eat off it. But I’m happy just to look at it, knowing I made it.

I just use my garage. Luckily I have a two car garage with a roller door. Unluckily, my car is now covered in wood and resin dust. It’s hot in summer, and will be cold in winter.

Those are really cool! They have a really nice “airbrush” feel to them. You use a graphics tablet for that? I can’t even tell if they are vector or raster. I suck at vector.

I worked in multimedia. So graphic art, copy writing, programming, animation, design, audio, video etc. etc.

My skills were never that great in any one area (mainly I was better at the writing, audio, video, design etc., but sucked at the traditional skills side of things). But I was quite good at putting together all the individual pieces and guiding the people with the real talent in their areas. And deadlines worked really well for me.

The bulk of the work we did for the company I worked for was producing teaching resources for Japanese language classes. It was mostly just colouring in line art. Easy. But confusing. Everything was in Japanese, and I had to constantly ask our “subject matter expert” what colour everything was supposed to be. But we got there in the end.

The boss didn’t like paying anybody though, and after six weeks of no pay, he came up to me and said “you can relax now, I’ve got some money for you”. And he handed me $30 like it was the crown jewels, and he was the benevolent saviour.

I lost my shit. And quit/got the sack. I lost my entire portfolio, and had quit school to take the job, so I had no qualifications either. Another enjoyable career down the tubes.


Ha ha…
What do we want?
Stop procrastinating!
When do we want it?

Reminds me of another one…

What do we want?
Time travel.
When do we want it?
It doesn’t really matter.


Yep yep yep yep. If only we’d had Youtube when we were kids.

I was into model making. I found a shop in my small town which had just one really good book on model making. So I saved my pocket money for three months to buy it.

Learning new things was really difficult then. Not any more.

Just the chiseled out mortices for that would have put me right off. But now I understand that I don’t have to have many actual traditional skills to make one, I can get an electric router to do it all in a few minutes. So half the skill is in knowing how to do it easily. But measuring everything accurately, and with patience is a real skill that hasn’t changed with the arrival of cheap power tools.

Now I’m gaining more confidence to try things that would have freaked me out not so long ago.

But yeah… I have a shopping list for tools which is far, far longer than my ability to pay for them just now. I found a cheap table saw for $100. I don’t have $100, or much food in the fridge.

But my ADHD brain is telling me that I’ll find a way to get the $100, and the universe will somehow come up with a way to get the food. I haven’t starved to death yet, although it has been close a few times. But that just adds to the challenge.

I weigh less now than I did when I was 15 now, but I wan’t that table saw, dammit! As long as I can feed my cats, I don’t really care.

I tried turning a piece today, but ended up having it thrown off the lathe with a busted tenon. Demotivated right there. But I want to have another go at it again tomorrow, just have to rethink strategy. And that’s what cheap crappy pine is all about, I guess.

What kind of lathe do you have? I’m curious about all things lathe these days…

I might get one of these next… It’s just difficult to find pants like that where I live though…



I’m good at Music and Drawing.

I’ve been working on a picture of my daily-driver that I’ve been wanting to turn into a cyberpunk-themed car. Tried to upload the picture… but can’t seem to make it work.

I also write electronic music under the artist name “Fear of Feedback”. Maybe one day people will recognize that name, but for now, I’m still obscure.


Roy is a nut, love his stuff. Paul Sellers teaches fine woodworking (youtube+) -mostly hand tools. I cannot stand power tools now (control, dust, noise, setup) for my stuff. They’re a must for production work, but the finest work can be done with saws, chisels, and scrapers, etc.


Same! Music is never boring to me (unless it’s too easy to learn./ slow paced)


Got any links? I tried Googling, but it was all self help stuff.


I’d love to have the skills, patience and precision to do it all by hand.

I envy the Japanese carpenters who’ve been learning since kids from their fathers and grandfathers to preserve the skills of a thousand years. Some of their stuff is crazy, beautiful. And not just the Japanese. There are some amazing skills all over the world. It blows me away.

For me, much of it is curiosity. I would get bored sticking to the same thing for too long. So I’ll flick from woodwork, to metal, to computers, to CNC, to painting, to cooking, to digging holes in the back yard.

I’ll never be a guru at anything in particular, but I can find ways of blending two, three, five different things together in ways that nobody else has thought of.

I just had a look, and subscribed straight away. I sometimes forget that if I don’t know a skill, I can learn it a little at least through Youtube…


You wouldn’t have found anything. All my stuff is currently set to private because I’m paranoid of piracy and I’m also a bit embarrassed that my stuff isn’t as good as the pros. The mixes below will probably be a bit bass-heavy (especially “Good & Bad”) as I’m still learning how to properly EQ my mixes.

Fear of Feedback: “Jealousy” - This song is about the emotions experienced when you see someone else living the dream you had for your own life. I wrote this after I met an old classmate of mine that had just been hired at a music studio. I was working in fast food and took their order.

Fear of Feedback: “Good & Bad” - This song is about the frustration of feeling powerless to make a positive impact on the world. There seems to be so much pain everywhere, yet nobody cares enough to do anything about it.

I also made a phone background for my iPhone yesterday while I was home from work using pre-made assets and GIMP.

And here is the sketch I’m working on of what I’d like to do to my 2015 Chevy Sonic hatchback, if I had the money.

And various other photoshop project I have done for video game avatars, etc.:
NewAvatar SoldiersFortune4nom3 TheOmen

I used to play a game called Star Conflict under the name Soldier’s Fortune. I was a high-level pirate that had started with the game during the open beta test. My proudest moment was when I managed to take down the most notorious player-killer (terrorist) known as “Flynn” singlehandedly.

So yeah… there you go.


Just call yourself “Torrent”.

There is no way that anybody would find your stuff on dodgy websites.

Then again, might be difficult to find you on legit sites too… But I’ve thought about this a while. How would I get past piracy? Torrent…

You can have that for free, as long as I can sue you if I need it back.

Half the time the pros aren’t as good as the pros. It has never stopped them.

Just noticed the track. Listening now…