What are your pet peeves?


Do you also have these tiny little things that make you waaaay more annoyed or impatient than they should?
Here’s an unsorted and likely very incomplete list of little things that drive me nuts:

  • Open office noise - unrelated conversations around my desk, people moving around all the time and crowded, noisy places in general.
  • Being stuck behind someone at the ATM/copy machine/etc. who obviously doesn’t know what they are doing.
  • Sniffling (the sound makes me feel physically nauseous)
  • Immigration lines at airports, especially if they come with unfriendly security officers
  • Socks with thick seams and other uncomfortable clothes - Why does anyone make those???
  • Elevators that stop at (almost) every single floor in a skyscraper and people who use them to go up/down a single floor. Even “better” if the elevators are crowded or some folks are having loud conversations.
  • “Because this is what the rules say…” as an explanation why something should be done a certain way.
  • People who feel the need to yell (the Japanese version of) “WOOOOOOAH THIS IS SO AWESOME”, “REALLLY???” “SUPER” “UNBELIEVABLE”, “CUUUUUUTE” in an ear-splitting pitch and volume after every other sentence.
  • Bureaucracy, being sent from A to B to C … to get document a that helps with getting document b which can then be submitted to maybe get document c unless person B decides they want document d instead…
  • Being stuck behind people who wear high heels but aren’t actually able to walk in them (reasonably fast).

What are yours?


Their standard package is unfriendly. It doesn’t ever get any better than unfriendly (except in Vietnam a couple of times, for some reason).

Here’s a list. Hopefully I’ll be disciplined with this…

  • Intolerant people, who think their way is the only way.
  • Self righteous people, who think they are better than you because their way is the only way.
  • People who drive under the speed limit in the fast lane, and don’t switch to the normal lane as per the law.
  • People talking on their phones while driving.
  • Speed limits on freeways.
  • People who do harm to animals out of anger or malice.
  • Anchovies.
  • Safety procedures involving major hazards at work which are routinely bypassed by management, but if you get caught walking 20 meters across a road from the car park to the admin offices not wearing safety glasses, you can be sacked by the people in the clean uniforms with their shiny arses from seat polishing. It’s awesome.
  • Bosses who take the credit for your work, and then bag you out.
  • Sweating in winter.
  • Cold horizontal rain.
  • Sulphur dust in the eyes really sucks.
  • People who are argumentatively wrong when they think they are right.
  • Spiders which have crawled into workboots overnight.
  • Backstabbing someone who can’t defend themself.
  • Hypocrisy.
  • Bullies and bigots.


I once met a border check-in guy who really blew me away, when entering the US from Canada via Detroit, way before the US were so down on immigrants. He asked me the standard questions about where I was from and the nature of my trip and how long I’d be there and if I really thought I could make it on 50$ a week, but he did it in a conversational way that sounded like he really wanted to learn these things and as if he was just dying to know the next bit based on what I just told him.

I just love when people enjoy their jobs. Unless their jobs involve beating people up, obviously.


So, my list. I’ll try not to make it too long and stick to the basics but since these things do make me cranky and when I get cranky I think of the things that make me cranky…

  • Music that I didn’t have control over. Particularly…
    • neighbors blasting their insignificant tastes all over the neighborhood because they can’t seem to think past their windows;
    • kids only playing about 30 seconds of each tune. Even if it sucks, at least settle on something already!*
    • that one neighbor who can’t play the piano but practises with the window open.
  • Noises from the kitchen when my flatmates leave the door open.
  • Smells from the kitchen when my flatmates leave the door open.
  • Food smells in general when I’m trying not to think of eating. (i.e. trying to work)
  • Chewing noises.
  • Ads that are louder than the program.
  • People in the checkout queue pushing against me from behind, standing practically next to me when I’m entering my pin and/or urging me to push against the person before me so they can push a little further, too.
  • Pedestrians using the bike lane. I used to call them out on it but they always just snapped back at me for daring to claim the bike lane for my bike. Granted, I’m not usually entirely un-cranky when I call them out but anyway. This is about my pet peeves, not theirs.
  • Pop-ups on websites informing me about their use of cookies. They’re not necessary if the cookies are, even by EU law, and if the cookies aren’t, why keep them in the first place?
  • Website layer pop-ups in general, unless they’re the content I came for.
  • Prestige TV - these shows that are lauded everywhere for taking their time with the narrative and really going deep. Nothing against taking time, but do they have to take it from me? (Actually, the shows are less of a peeve because I just don’t watch them but the people who keep going on about how that’s the new golden age of TV are.)
  • Insects. Especially flies.
  • Windows opening apps in the foreground while I’m typing something in another app but then the new app pops up and makes me type in there but there’s not actually something to type in because it’s not that kind of app and the text is lost and sometimes it’ll call up some function I didn’t want.
  • Phonecalls. Unless I’m waiting for them, they’re always interrupting something. Always.
  • Kissing noises.
  • Also, that noise from rubbing your hands against each other.

There’s a lot more I’m against, of course, but to me, a peeve is something that annoys me to an unreasonable degree, not something I’m legitmately against.

*) There was a neighbor once somewhere in hearing distance from my balcony who’d often whistle the first line of the chorus of Take Five. I can’t tell you how often I wanted to go over there and whistle the second line to him just so he’d get on with it but I never found out exactly which neighbor it was.


OMG 1000 times yes. I have no patience for that nonsense.


When you say please shut the door and someone leaves it a crack open​:flushed::dizzy_face:

  1. Mouth noises, i.e. chewing, crunching, snacking, slurping. It is so bad sometimes I have to leave the room.
  2. Unnecessary noise in general
  3. Loud anything.
  4. Strong odors, i.e. paint, perfume
  5. Slow drivers
  6. People that don’t use their blinkers
  7. Slow shoppers. Those that take up the whole aisle and move at a snail’s pace.

  1. People who don’t know how to drive, as in following traffic laws. This includes people who don’t use signals to change lanes in busy traffic, people who think a crosswalk is only a suggestion, people who don’t know how to merge properly. Seriously, there’s a merge lane for a reason. You are SUPPOSED to drive to the end of the lane and then merge in smoothly (right car, left car, right car, left car). This is the most efficient way to merge. Not pulling into the remaining lane 1/2 a mile before the merge and then getting mad at the people who actually go to the end of the merge lane and honking and trying to keep them from merging. Seriously.

  2. People who turn on their smart phones after the movie theater lights go dark. I can usually restrain myself if the previews are still on, although it’s still annoying because I happen to ENJOY watching previews, but if that screen turns on during the movie, you can bet I’ll be saying something to you. I literally CANNOT not see a lit screen in a movie theater and it will always make me miss what’s happening onscreen. If that text is so important, get your lazy butt outta your seat and walk out to deal with it.

  3. People who live in a city with snow that forget how to drive in it when it snows for the first time every year.

  4. People walking slower than me on a sidewalk that I can’t get around. Especially groups that just kind of spread to block the whole width of the walkway.

  5. Bicyclists that don’t follow the rules of the road. If you’re on the road, you ARE a vehicle, NOT a pedestrian. Follow the rules. A stop sign means stop. You don’t magically have right of way just because you’re squishable.

  6. Cashiers and clerks who don’t like their job. I used to be a cashier. I know how soul crushing the job can be. But guess what? No one likes grocery shopping. The customer is just a grumpy having to do it as you are having to ring it up. Must you compound that by being unpleasant?

  7. Parents who teach their kids by example to feel entitled to break rules. Not sure if that’s the best summation. As an example, we went to the Troll Hunt at the Chicago Arboretum. The troll hunt consists of about 7 sites around the grounds where an artist has installed giant 20 foot tall “Troll” statues, made from wood. They’re really cool. But there’s signage at EVERY spot asking people to NOT CLIMB on the trolls. There are items on or around the trolls that can be climbed or explored. At one of the trolls there were all these kids climbing and sitting on the trolls. One woman even directed her child to climb up so she could get a picture. My son wanted to climb too. I told him no because this was a piece of artwork, and the artist had put signs up asking us not to. When he pointed out the other kids were, I just said, maybe they didn’t see the sign, but we did and we respect the rules. The parents gave me dirty looks. But seriously, great lesson for your kids people. Talk about teaching a sense of entitlement.


Ha ha… That’s exactly what happened when I made my list… It got out of hand a little bit.


Yep. I’d pay every one of those.

Except maybe I’d change the driving in snow to driving in rain. If you don’t feel as if your skills are strong enough to travel any faster than 30km/h below the speed limit and block up traffic for miles behind you when it rains, then maybe it’s time to reassess your driving privileges?

I’ve been in rain so hard that I couldn’t even see the road. So I pulled over, and waited until the rain eased up. No big deal.

Seems to be all the rage these days.


As much as I’d love to vent about things that cause me moral outrage and make my heart pound in my chest, I’ll stick to things that just annoy me and make me cranky:

  • People talking around me, but it’s mostly because I have a huge amount of Fear Of Missing Out and want to be in on all the conversations. So I guess I don’t get cranky over this as much as highly distracted.
  • People walking slowly in front of me, especially when I can’t get around them. (Of course, I feel like a jerk if they’re physically incapable of moving faster and I still get cranky.)
  • Drivers speeding way over the speed limit, running traffic lights, and not using turn signals. To quote Hank Green: “Okay, I see you were turning. IF ONLY THERE HAD BEEN SOME WAY TO SIGNAL YOUR INTENT TO DO THAT!”
  • Being in line at a store and the customer at the register is writing a check, or paying part with a check and part with cash, or paying in cash and counting their money out slowly.
  • Computers running slowly, locking up, crashing. It shouldn’t be that big a deal, but I go from zero to SO ANGRY really quickly.
  • People “joking” about cats being antisocial killing machine jerks. If you take even a little time to understand feline psychology, you’ll know this isn’t true. Hey, it’s great that you love dogs, I do as well, but dogs can be just as jerky as cats.
  • Screaming kids. But not kids screaming out of joy, just kids screaming because they’re upset. Even when I feel bad for the kid, and I often do because life can be hard when you’re little and don’t understand everything going on around you and don’t have the power to control your environment. And it’s not like I’m great at controlling my own emotions. But still, the screaming hits my senses hard and cranks up my anxiety.
  • When I make jokes and people take me literally, or when people think it’s funny to take whatever you say literally (“What’s up?” “The sky.” “No. Just no. Don’t do that.”). Pretending to take me literally when we both know you’re not actually taking me literally isn’t funny, it’s frustrating.

There are probably more, but these are the ones occurring to me right now. And I feel a little better having vented.


Speaking of jokes, I got another:

  • When I tell a joke and it doesn’t land but instead of just moving on, the person insists on me explaining it. As if that would make it funny. Also, I hate it in general when a point gets chewed over past its due, and ‘its due’, for jokes, is pretty much immediately. I mean, I get uncomfortable when a joke does land and people laugh too long…


OMG! YES! It was a joke, just let it go!


So true Mr. Neff.

I find that if people are talking nearby, and I’m interested in their topic of conversation (especially if they are missing some vital info) it can be really, really hard for me to sit still and mind my own business. I’ve gotten into trouble before for jumping into other people’s conversations.

Pedestrians really bug me. Same for drivers who dawdle and travel way under the speed limit, especially when they gang up across the whole freeway… A kilometer of cars backed up behind them, and a kilometer of clear, open road in front of them…

I tend to drive at the limit, or slightly above it. But I drive safely, and part of that is communication. Signals communicate your intent to other drivers, and safe driving is all about being able to anticipate what the other drivers are likely to do.

Then you have people driving while talking on their phones, while they weave all over the lane, slowing down, speeding up… Clearly without any form of situational awareness.


Another one… You’re on a roll!

I’ve heard people bragging about the most horrible cruelty to cats, and nobody seems to care. But if the same person started saying the same things about what they have done to dogs… There’d be a murder.

In Australia we have some pretty unique wildlife, and largely unaware of predators. Personally, I keep my cats inside at night, and they are too fat and lazy to eradicate a species anyway. They’re happy enough chasing bits of string, and bringing me a mouse every couple of years.

We have a big feral cat problem out in the bush. And feral dogs, camels, buffalo, starlings, whatever else, you name it. Even kangaroos are culled from time to time. Some farmers still shoot eagles.

I would guess that there are more rare species driven over by cars, than eaten by cats.


I wasn’t planning on writing an essay here…But generally, things that take too long, regardless of what they are makes my blood boil. I have greatly improved my patience, but I’m particularly intolerant of people who talk or explain things WAY too slow! It’s like I get anxious for them to get to their point already. Maybe because I have a short window before I start to really tune out?


Also loud noises and bright lights… it like physically pains me when people are talking around me above normal levels. I appreciate library voices, but realize that’s a bit much to expect. Loud noises, voices, crying children feels painful and overwhelming… and I grew up in a loud house with a large family…

I’ve read that this type of sensitivity may be attributed to ADHD, but I’m not entirely sure.


Me too. I try to be tolerant and patient, but I find my arms and legs sort of twitching and I’m always waiting for a gap, so I can jump in, finish their sentences for them and get to the point.


My last job, the other guys on the crew seemed to take great pleasure in making way more noise than necessary, but only on night shift when the bosses weren’t around.

They’d slam metal lock boxes on the table, crank up the music to the point that I’d get ringing in my ears, and I’d have to go outside for a smoke (never really need an excuse for that anyway), and would scream at each other. In the meantime, I’ve got my head buried in technical manuals and procedures. And they wondered why I had trouble concentrating enough to learn my job?

The job fell in a heap anyway, so I don’t have to deal with that.

One place I worked, I would be right underneath the evacuation siren when it whenever it went off. Awesome. Even while wearing ear protection, it was LOUD!

The only exception was when they did an evac test every 2 weeks. It would happen on the last day of my 14 day swing, so it was a reminder that I’d be flying home soon. I didn’t care so much about the bleeding ears on that day.


That’s crazy! I wouldn’t survive! Often when I go to movie theaters, I’m sitting there thinking: “do I need f-ing headphones?! This is way too loud! Does no one else feel this way??”

My question for you or anyone who complained about loud noises… does it feel physically painful for you? Because, for me, it hurts my ears, lights hurt my eyes, and when under those persistent conditions I’m more likely to develop an awful headache.