What are your pet peeves?


I had a small recording studio for a while, and used to engineer bands. It really doesn’t have to be that loud, and it’s usually better when it’s not.

It always bugs me when I go to a gig, and their engineer has just cranked everything up to 11. At that volume, you just wash out the sound. There is no finesse, no separation of individual frequencies and instruments, and all you get is hearing damage. One gig I went to had my ears ringing for 3-4 days afterwards, and I still have frequency loss in my hearing.

Bright lights bug me. There have been times where it has been painful to me. But I’ll generally just leave, or not put myself in that position.

At home, I leave most if not all of the lights off at night. If the TV is on, that’s all I need.


So, I don’t always have that reaction, but on days when my ADHD is really being difficult, I can get overstimulated easily by too much activity or noise. Light doesn’t generally bother me though.


I don’t mind live music being loud unless it’s the kind of act that you’d go to for the nuances. The ringing in my ears afterwards has always been part of the deal. But I can’t stand when people crank up their home stereos, even when I’m in the room and not trying to focus on something else. Just like @Smoj describes, all the nuance gets drowned out. I believe every room has a noise level sweet spot where the walls reflect the sound just right. Go below it, it’s still okay and sometimes you don’t want it to fill the room anyway; go above, the noise will just blow right over it and drown everything out.

Even for hard-rocking music with low dynamic range: if you have to crank it up to make it rock, that just means it doesn’t rock. And you deprive yourself of large parts of the music experience.

I don’t get physical pain, though. Maybe a headache after a while. It’s more that I get disoriented and nervous.


Oh, so totally! I think it’s because my brain is so active. I started watching tutorial videos at 1.5x speed or more because it’s considered good form to talk slowly in a tutorial but I can feel my brain running circles around the narration and that’s a distraction. In conversations, that’s when I start interrupting. Somebody tries to make a point but I’ll get it half way through the line and the rest is just clutter and I lose all my momentum and engagement listening to that. By the time they’re finished, I may as well have forgotten what I wanted to say.

Then the point is finally made and we’re both ready to move on and two minutes alter, they get back to the point they’ve been making earlier because apparently I wasn’t clear enough about the moving on bit or on the getting it and they feel the need to elaborate on it some more which is when I start breaking things. I hate redundancy even more than I mind things taking long in their own right.


Absolutely. Room acoustics play an enormous part. I’m still surprised when I see professional engineers who really don’t even understand that.

Then there is speaker placement, and choice of equipment to suit the venue.

I’d agree. Loud is fine in principle, if I like the music. But if you have to substitute excessive volume for talent… There are problems.


I just thought of another pet peeve here at work. I’m a public librarian and it’s really frustrating when people ask me for help with their account and don’t already have their library card out and take what feels like forever to get the card out of their wallet or purse. “I’m just standing here smiling at you while you dig through the million cards you have, looking for the one you need right now. Please, take your time while my mind is racing and I’m already bored with this interaction.”


Yeah. I’m one of those people. Usually because it doesn’t occur to me until I’m asked that I’ll need the card.


That’s fair. :smiley:


Some artists elevate loudness to the level of an art form, like Talk Talk or My Bloody Valentine or the sax player Pharoah Sanders. I think dynamics are really the key.


But this is becoming a really ADHD thread all of a sudden, so I’ll tie it back in and say that probably my biggest pet peeve is when things are louder when they have to be, like people chewing loudly.


i have those to; mine are a little bit diferent.
i for instance hate the trafic people who don’t follow the rules, people who drive way to slow, and most of al people who get mad at you when they didn’t follow the rules. i hate it i get really mad about it and some times i can’t let go of it. i get the same with people that stand stil in the middle of the halway trying to figure out where they need to be, i don’t get it why do you have to be in the middle? you can stand somewhere so that the rest of us can stil walk past you. those people really frustrate me and i sometimes really need to relax a little bit just because i can’t focus because of mu frustration. sometimes i wish i could let it go more easily but i just can’t. what do you do when you get so frustrated?