What do y’all think about Sia’s movie “music”?

I’m very curious to this, especially since there are probably enough people here who happen to be on the autism spectrum.

I wanna hear from them specifically.

I myself am not actually on the spectrum. I am very close to it. The only thing that keeps me from being diagnosed is that I’m too social to be on the spectrum. But one thing that the movie definitely reminded me of is that I do have sensory overload issues. I had a tic attack for about an hour afterwards due to overstimulation from the movie. That tells enough.

I personally did see the potential of what the movie could’ve been. It really could’ve been a great movie if sia actually researched the whole thing, didn’t put out a stereotypical portrayal of autism and actually casted someone who’s on the spectrum. But she blew it. And I find it sad, especially for Maddie cause she gets a lot of criticism that she doesn’t deserve. She was a minor at the time and kind of forced into it. She just did what she was told. She can’t be blamed for this.

What do y’all think? I’m sure people here likely think in similar ways that I do. But I’m still curious.

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