What do you do?


When ADD is working overtime, making your day harder than it needs to be. What do you do to reel in your mind?


I listen to music, that has always helped me. I recently started on medication, but when it starts to wear off, music still helps a bit. Always has, probably always will…:sweat_smile:


Meditation helps. So does reading something I’m interested in (even though keeping focus on what I’m reading can sometimes be hard).

I’ve started writing fiction. When I meet my daily writing goal (I’ve not written in a while) I feel like a million bucks and everything seems easier. I suspect this is because writing is something I was (for lack of a better word) “meant” to do, and doing it fulfills me in a way other activities don’t.


I want to chew on something but I have braces so it is impossible to bite my nails so I have nothing to bite or take my stress out on.


Emergency dance party. Alone in my room. I feel like singing and dancing is helping me to feel better. :slight_smile:


It depends on what, if anything, I need to get done. If I have something I NEED to do, I’ll sometimes medicate (either with my adderall or with caffeine, depending on the day), or I’ll break it down into smaller steps and use a tomato timer if I need it, or I’ll bribe myself to do it.

If I don’t need to do anything and I’m just feeling kind of useless, I’ll figure out what’s easy and will make me feel productive. One SMALL task I can do, maybe something I’ve been putting off or have wanted to do for a while, and then I can say the day wasn’t a waste. And then I go do something I can hyperfocus on.

I need a day a month, at least, where I don’t do anything and I can recover and refresh myself or I start to go in too many directions at once and it all falls apart.


If I can, I temporarily change my environment. If that’s going out for a ten-minute walk, or driving to the store, or just anything that gets me into a different headspace. I find that when I come back things are a bit easier to work through.