What do you like to do for fun?


Around the same time I just focused on what I wasn’t good at trying to fix it, was also the the when I stopped doing things that were fun, that I enjoyed.
So, what about all of you, I enjoy reading your replies. Hey! There I go!


Dungeons and Dragons!.. oh sorry, let my nerd show there


+1 for D&D! Also, magic! The gathering! It is great for procrastinating!


You want to know something funny, I jsut learned to play this card game and its amazing !

Also Roleplaying for the win ! Call of Cthulhu and Vampire The Masquerade are great tabletop game ^^


Too much stuff XD
I used to do cosplay and sewing. I do crafts. I do roleplaying games too, mostly Exalted.
I play video games, mostly Nintendo ones and Atlus XD. I like cinema too, including super old vintages movies ( sadly it is kind of hard to warch a silent movie, I need to take break). I collect artbooks and kimono. And DVDs.
I’m also very social so I do like movies screenings, parties/ gatherings to every possible excuses . I love TVs shows and dramas too and reading on history. I also follow a Japanese rock band and is very happy whenever they make new stuff. I recently fallen into the deep hole of kpop recently which also provide me a lot of fun.


Quidditch. I never sticked to hobby for so long. It’s been 4 years already. I love the sport, there is so much going on during a game, it never gets boring. :smiley:
The community is incredible open minded, diverse and welcoming. No matter where I went in those years, I always made friends immediately.
And since it’s quite new, there are so many possibilities to get engaged. I’m also a referee, helped organising tournaments, worked for my team and my NGB.

I started Roller Derby a while ago, which is quite simmilar in those points. :smiley: