What effect do medicines have on you?

I’m not sure if I put this in the right category. So I’m sorry if this is the wrong one.

So, today I got medicines prescribed for the very first time. And I immediately took one to see what would happen. And I notice a huuuuge difference. I’m so increadibly calm that it’s just weird :joy::joy:
I feel so weird being calm cause I’m not used to it. I do feel a little disoriented and woozy (almost dizzy) but I know that that’s a side effect.

But I’m curious what the medicines do to you. How much do they help? Do you feel like yourself when you took them? Does it have effect on your eating habits or your mood? How about sleep? I’m curious how it works for everyone.


Well, I felt amazing the first to days. I was attentive, and calm to the point where I spoke so slow that my wife wondered if I was doing it on purpose. But I just couldn’t speak any faster, it was something was holding me back and “forcing” me to be calm and collected. And not in a bad way. Then after the two first days, I felt more like myself and had a few negative feelings as I thought med medication was not working anymore. But got through the rough patch and now I feel the medication is lurking in the back letting me make more rational decisions and giving me a slightly clearer mind. It’s like I’ve always needed glasses, as everything has been a little blurry and therefore difficult to do. Now I can see clearer, but I still must do things myself, it’s just the path is clearer.

The first days I had trouble sleeping, but now I sleep fine. I think it was just my mind not being able to stop reading about ADHD and a kind of hyper focus that wouldn’t let go. Now I listen to podcasts about ADHD when i go to bed, and not long after I notice that I am almost falling asleep and stop the recording. I then can fall asleep quite quickly. I often have to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, but can still fall asleep again.

I have had less cravings and stopped stuffing my face with candy and snacks, which I think I did to get some stimuli. Anyway, now I don’t feel that need and I am also feel full faster than before. But still have an appetite. So, I have basically just gotten healthier. We will see how long that lasts.

Side effects I have noticed are headaches, thirsty (therefore a lot of bathroom breaks) and maybe a little down period when the medication wears of.

It is early days ( on day 10), but things have normalized somewhat for me and I have less headaches, and more aware of what the medication does and does not do. I think I also notice a big difference whether I have slept well and had a healthy diet. When I haven’t gotten enough sleep or I eat some sugar I feel the medication is less effective, but that could be some placebo.

Yes for me side effects are wooziness (not dizzy but almost dizzy), indeed headaches too and I did lose a bit of my appetite. Which is not bad bc I need to loose weight :joy::joy:

And I do feel that it might make me a little bit more emotional then off medication. But I’m also in my period so I’m not sure yet :joy::joy::joy:

There is a big difference for me. And for the people around me too. My friend sees a difference. I’m a lot calmer. And indeed I have some glasses on now, which allows me to focus better. But I’m not expecting it to really do much more. And I also expect the effect will wear off. That’s why I take half the dose now and if I feel it wearing off, I can take a full dose. My therapist recommended that.