What Fandom(s) do YOU belong to?!


I’ve loved getting to know so many of you through intro posts and through the Differences and Similarities? thread as well! So now I must ask you lovely people… what fandom, or fandoms, do you belong to?!

As for myself… well I’ll answer in gifs because I can… :smiley:

I technically am a fan of Star Trek, as well, however I haven’t managed to get through all the episodes yet (it’s quite the task). And I’m sure I’ll think of a fandom I’m missing. I KNOW I’m missing something I just can’t think of it right off the top of my sleepy head. So what about you guys? :smiley:


Ooooh so many shiny things!

I know, I’m a nerd… :sweat:

A French comedic show about the nights of the round table. Hero Corp made by some of the same people is also fantastic.

I also like Star Trek TOS and doctor who (up to Capaldi, haven’t watched much since)

And of course : GNU Terry Pratchett


Awwwwww, we love nerds and non-nerds a-like! :smiley: I’m a nerd… a geek…? I wonder what the classification is for these terms… I never did understand the difference! But you’ll find you aren’t the only one around here :grin:

A comedy show about the Knights of the Round Table sounds amaaazing, I’ll have to try and find it!


Star wars
Game of thrones
West world
Dr who
ugh… brain melted :frowning:


Meanings are shifting all the time. Who knows what it will mean tomorrow :roll_eyes:

Just checked, apparently there is a Canadian edition of the 2 first “books” (season, really) that have English subtitles, so I’m sure you can find it on some streaming site. Er I meant find and buy the DVDs somwhere of course.


i like this clarification: “Geeks are fans of their subjects, nerds are practitioners of them.”


Oh! I forgot about GoT! I still have to finish it but I got… 4 seasons in? 5 seasons? Before my attention shifted to something else, but I definitely want to go back to it and finish it! Same with Arrow – I have so many things I’d probably be a fan of… I just haven’t finished them yet. Like Supernatural. And Gotham. Among… others. :sweat_smile: But yay for another Who fan! And yes! I remember reading that before! I like how they break it down! I just never remember which one is which. But now I can come back here to refresh my memory :smiley:

@Noldos Ooooh! Thank you for that knowledge! :smiley:


OMG I forgot gotham. Love the penguin and Jerome is the best! I’m all caught up, but I won’t post spoilers


Oooh I used to be into so many more things than I am now.
Doctor Who
Game of Thrones
Star Wars
Final Fantasy
Legend of Zelda
I can’t remember the others but there are more. I’m more of a casual fan nowadays as far as any of this goes (haven’t played all the games, watched all the episodes).


I’m definitely more of a casual fan now too, there just isn’t enough time in the day and enough focus in my brain to mega-fan over things. :sweat_smile: My main fandom is definitely Doctor Who. I’ve seen every episode of the newer stuff, and I’m working through the older stuff as we speak (it’s a slow process). But I also have books and I’d like to listen to the audio stories as well, eventually. I also have like Doctor Who everything. Tin lunchboxes. PJ pants. Glasses. Shot glasses. Lanyards… it’s… a problem kind of. :laughing:

I’m getting into Zelda too! I love Zelda and I do eventually want to play through some of the games, maybe not all, but as many as I can where I don’t need to buy like… a separate system? I dunno I’ll figure it out!


Video game collecting
Blizzard Games
Parks & Rec
Booze collecting


Tenant is the true doctor


The Lord of SCOTch fans? :smiley:

@SuppaDev Tennant is my favorite Doctor, though Eccleston is a very close second for me. Haha. :slight_smile:


ooh how could I forget Futurama!! :heart:


I need to catch up on Zelda. I didn’t really play video games during college or after for a while since I couldn’t afford it. I have some of the games I just need to get to playing them!!
Maybe starting with what is on the DS would work for you? Both N64 games were redone for it, A Link Between Worlds is great, and I think you can get the original game on the eshop (not sure though). The rest I think you can get by with a Wii U until they release the next game


Link Between Worlds is the first one I played! I fell in love with it. I can buy some of the old games on the DS, I just need to actually settle down and play it. SO MUCH TO DO. SO LITTLE TIME. D: OH and we have the Switch game. We have a switch but no Wii U. It’s okay though! I’ll get there eventually :smiley: <3


Doctor who is the big one for me
The Orville


There are more Who fans here than I thought! :smiley:

How is Orville?! It’s definitely on my list of “to watch”! But I don’t have any friends that really watched it so I never got opinions on it. @_@


There are a couple rough episodes along the way but for the most part it’s really, really, funny. That is if you’re a fan of blue-ish humor


I love Doctor Who too! Although I haven’t actually seen the last season yet. I follow two webcomics mainly, xkcd and questionable content. For books I live Harry Potter, and I’m getting into the Cosmere part of Brandon Sanderson’s books, and as always GNU Terry Pratchett. I’m sure I’ll com up with a bunch more as soon as I post this!