What Fandom(s) do YOU belong to?!


I demand (read also: politely request -eye shift- :stuck_out_tongue: :heart: ) pictures of them after you unbox them!! :smiley:
New ones are so exciiiting!


I’m out of likes for today >.< So instead of liking your post: Sure thing!


I ended up with two of the same one, because gifts :stuck_out_tongue: It’s Star Wars 138 Jyn Erso


I had that happen a couple times with some Who pops :joy:



I’m full-fledged in the Kpop fandom world! It’s like it was built for the ADHD mind. Bright colors, engaging sets, hyper music, dance. unashamed k-pop fan here. :slight_smile:


Who are some of your favorite groups?! I love Kpop! :smiley:


Oh boy where do I begin.
Got7 is who I’m loyal too. But I love day6 cnblue speed, highlight, everything kdrama osts, amber, hyukoh, Zion t, big bang, shinee. I like BTS too.
I just went to an Eric Nam concert 2 weeks ago :heart_eyes:
What about you?


Omg all of those are so gooooood!!

Shinee was my first group so I’m very attached to them (cue all the crying regarding Jonghyun), but I also love Big Bang, BTS, NCT, Vixx, EXO (I hated them at first, they grew on me), but I also love Got7, as well, Monsta X, Jonghyun’s solo work, Taemin’s solo work, Block B, I like some f(x) (I’m more partial to the male groups but I like some of the female-group songs as well), Shinhwa, although it’s actually Chinese, I do like some of Lu Han’s solo stuff, i like some of WINNER’s songs too. xDDD I LOVE SO MANY.


More star wars stuffs @HarleyKyn :wink:


Anybody else in the HOMESTUCK fandom?


Oh my god those are awesome!!


Woah, did you make that. If so that’s pretty awesome! I tried to get into homestuck at one point but it was just too much :T.


Does this answer your question? :joy:

I’m also obsessed with Brandon Sanderson’s cosmere :heart_eyes: :heart:, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Once Upon a Time, Attack on Titan, Ghibli, Disney and anything written by Trudi Canavan. I appreciate Marvel, though I never read it, as well as DC since Wonder Woman (the soundtrack :heart:).


Oh my god I forgot Ghibli D:
I need to get on buying some of Brandon Sanderon’s stuff! YESSSSSSS.

Also I love the tattoo, V! :heart_eyes:


No, I didn’t make it XD but I also think it looks awesome! ^

I got into it, but it took me about a year just to get through a youtube playlist. XD I absolutely loved it, but I understand those who just couldn’t get into it. :woman_shrugging:t2: :relieved:


So many things
Video games as a whole
Anything marvel
And of course Dragon Ball


When I was in college I started getting more into anime. I feel more into more “old school” based anime. I guess I could call myself a fan of City Hunter, Urusei Yatsura as well as Lupin the Third. I am staring to fall in love with that Cells At Work anime too and am catching back up with My Hero Academia. I also started reading more manga which opened my eyes to Cutie Honey.



Star Wars
Star Trek
Doctor Who
Harry Potter
Pirates of the Caribbean


Fables (the comic series)


Anita Blake (up until Narcissus in Chains, at which point it jumped the shark. I’m only an indifferent fan now.)
Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files
Vorkosigan Saga (or anything by Bujold)
Honor Harrington series


Oof, there’s definitely a list! Soooo here they are:
-Doctor who
-gravity falls
-My hero Academia
-harry potter
-Thomas sanders
-Taylor swift
-Sherlock Holmes
-undertale (not the cringe side thou)
-Shawn Dawson
-just musicals in general really!
-and many, many more I can’t think of


Hamilton the musical right? I’ve never really seen it or looked into it - how is it?! What’s it about?! (One of my ADHD problems is watching or listening to new things can be hard to actually do so it’s been on my radar for a while but I can never seem to get myself hyped enough to like… look into it… any suggestions on where to start? Like a song… or something? :smiley: )