What Fandom(s) do YOU belong to?!


Actually Harley, i started with the Hamilton soundtrack. I just listened to it one day while driving around doing errands. It was SOOOOO engaging, that I immediately wanted to see the show. And you get 90% of the story JUST from listening to the music, IMHO. BUT, If you want just one song, then start with the opening number “Alexander Hamilton”.

Even better, you could watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNFf7nMIGnE

Lin Manuel Miranda performed at the Obama White House Poetry Jam. He was going to perform something else, but at the last minute he decided to perform this piece he’d written about Alexander Hamilton, inspired by a biography he’d just read on vacation by Ron Chernow. It’s an early version of the opening number for the final musical. It was so well received and lauded that he decided to expand it into the musical that we know now.


Hamilton is a hip hop musical about the founding father Alexander Hamilton (mixed in with the revolution, his buddies, and his not-so-nice buddies). It’s filled with humor, an amazing score, and the great Lin-Manuel MirandaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAA. (Since Hamilton started in 2016 the fandoms died off a little, but for the most part you can still find a shit load of stuff). I definitely recommend it!!!


Dr. who
Sherlock (finally watched it for the first time last month and loved it)
Once Upon a Time
Miraculous ladybug
My little pony


I feel at this point we could make an ADHD Whovian Army :joy:


What do all the whovians out there think of the new doctor?


I DON’T KNOW. We’ve never talked about it. :joy:

I’ve only watched… the first 3 episodes? Rosa Parks was the last one?
Then a friend had to give me a play by play of the spider episode because I’m arachnophobic.
And even still I REALLY like doing things in order so skipping actually seeing the episode has caused me to stop.
So i either need to watch it… or just skip it and move on. If I just START the episode after it I’m sure I could easily skip it but my brain doesn’t work well that way.

I don’t know how I feel about the new Doctor yet. Because it’s not only getting used to a new Doctor but a new head writer, as well. So the writing style is definitely different. I like the writing style but not sure about the new Doctor. I really liked the first episode. I think there might just be a lot of change to get used to that my brain is stuttering on? Like three companions versus one. New doctor. New writing style. All that jazz.

Tho I do like the large number of companions because it reminds me of old school Who… but it’s just… a lot to take it. What about you?!


I ADORE the new Doctor. So many :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:. And I really, really like the new writing. Not so much heavy handed foreshadowing of epic story arcs.

Not every episode was gold. Honestly the spider episode fell kind of flat for me, like too many unanswered questions afterward that it seemed like the Doctor just ignored.


Dragonball Z
Dragonball Super
Rick and Morty
Family Guy

There is too much stuff to list xD


DBZ :raised_hands:


I even got the one* star dragonball tattooed :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



I don’t have much unfortunately but I do have a Vegeta Pop Vinyl figure and a Vegeta magnet.
Am I a stereotype that loves Vegeta? …maybe.

ALTHOUGH, my favorite story I don’t get to tell often:
My mom saw the pop vinyl which has Vegeta’s name on it.
And she goes “who is… vuh-get-uh?” and I just stared at here like “who? what?”
she holds up the pop vinyl “vuhgetuh”
“…mom his name’s Veh-gee-tuh :joy:
“…LOL oh!”


:rofl: Sounds fun to be around your mom :stuck_out_tongue: (Okay this sounds weird, sorry xD)

My fav. character is son gohan even tho they let us gohan fans down in the end of dbz and in super :frowning:
But then again i could not be mad about that cause he got his time fighting cell which was crazy awesome! :scream::scream::scream:


It can be :joy: Didn’t sound weird. Promise.

HILARIOUSLY I LIKED VEGETA INITIALLY BECAUSE HE WAS A VILLAIN AND I ALWAYS END UP LIKING VILLAINS. Then he ended up y’know not a villain and I’m just sitting here cackling at myself. :joy:




I think she’s great. She’s been compared to David Tennant’s Doctor a lot and I can surely see that - a nice return to enthusiastic heroism and open-minded curiosity. It helps that the new episodes also seem very old school.


TBH i liked him as a villain too :open_mouth: Badly in the end he tried to crawl up goku’s b… let me stop right there :rofl:

Still a great character! Vegeta is the single most developed character if we take personal development into consideration. I just miss his “i dont give a single f…airydust” attitude. :sweat_smile:

My habit for bad language is terrible i am sorry :slight_smile:


Harry Potter and Panic! At the Disco!!! (Yes I am an emo potato)


Star Trek, Harry Potter, my little pony, miraculous ladybug , Star Wars, in that order.


i love those to i think they are really good.

i love marvel when i was younger i never saw it and when a few years back my best friend let me watch a marvel movie i was sold still haven’t seen all of them but what i have seen was very good