What is the air speed velocity of an unladen Swallow ?


I get into these moods where I my mind becomes stuck in some “silly” rut.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Literally these silly things just pop into my mind and many time pop out of my mouth. Was talking to some one at work and this person said that if I had any questions to just let her know. So I did just that with “What is the air speed velocity of an unladen Swallow?”. Normally I’m a straight forward guy, try to sty focused and the meds help with that, but the distraction to let the silly out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:can not be denied. Out it comes from my mouth and out comes the very confused looks at me:open_mouth:. Sometimes I’ll just say that’s what floats into my head at times.:crazy_face:


African or European swollow? :joy:


Are we basing our calculations off of an average swallow or a specific size swallow? By “unladen” do you mean having just taken a dump on my car? Are we assuming the swallow still has feathers or that they burned off in a free-fall from low orbit? Is the swallow alive? Is the swallow being assisted by liquid-oxygen rocket boosters? Is the swallow male or female? Is the swallow flying with its beak open or closed? Is it winter or summer? Is the swallow physically located on Earth or Mars? How many days is it until the summer solstice? Does the swallow have any genetic mutations such as webbed feet? Is this the swallow’s first time flying?

I look forward to this calculation.


I wish I got responses like that when I tell people they can ask me anything :joy:


Evacuated bowles
Not liquid oxygen but stuffed in a 2 inch pipe 2 meters long and ejected by 90psi of compressed air.


1 Delusional European swallow who thinks they are a homing pigeon dropped accidentally from a B52 wearing a cowboy hat and carrying a coconut. Basically just horizontal maximum velocity falling to the ground with a big splat.


I either get a blank stare or the face palm head shaking side to side reaction.




Hahhaha​:rofl::joy: hey can’t be worst than what i just did at a interview this week… I came in and sat down. The hiring manager and 2 others…
I say… you speak so softly and slowww… wow!! I am a bit more hyper and louder than you. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
Why did I say this???..Geeze this is a US… job and I started with a smart ass remark!!!
The woman didn’t say a word looked at me and the interrogation began… I felt so nervous and I was completely off key…
Why??? I was not myself. She didnt even crack a smile.
The other two, were ok… they sook my hand and all say good luck.
Anyways I am sure I wont hear back from them unless they say, well atleast she is very honest :joy:
I still am so mad at myself, and all they subsequent answers… it was a complete disaster .
So, yeah… been there done that. :smirk:


Gee. I don’t know that.

[AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa a a a a a]


African or European swallow?:joy: