What is your favorite Pokémon species?

My favorite is Skuntank the skunk Pokémon. I like how it has a tail that it can use to shoot fire and poison projectiles out of like a tank cannon. What do you think?

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Can you explain me why people like Pokemon so much? For me it’s a boy who trains some kind of monsters and then fight other monsters. Over and over again. I never got that.

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Funny, i liked to watch Pokemon cartoons back in 2000s, but i don’t remember the story and most of them along with it.
There was this funny guy named Koffing, like a grey spiked ball. I don’t even remember how it fights, just it’s very memetic mug.


Well I know very little about Pokemon but I suppose I would pick psyduck. ‘Coz he’s obviously not neuro-typical. :upside_down_face:

What you just explained is the concept, there are so many rivals and villians with the main character and mechanisms which you can use to train pokemon and learn new moves. It is a whole new world with multiple stories and stats to nerd about It is so awesome !

Thank you, still difficult to understand for me. Are those fights so exciting? Or to find all of the pokemons? I grew up with Batman the animated series, Spiderman, Power Rangers and a lot more. Maybe it’s similar to the Power Rangers?

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I really like Eevee and all of the Eeveelutions. I don’t know a lot about Pokemon but my brother is obsessed. I think Sylveon is really cool or Vaporeon, or just a simple Eevee, idk, I’m really indecisive lol :neutral_face: .