What is -your- new years tradition?


As a kid I’d always watch the ball drop in Time Square on the television with my parents.
Always with sparkling cider… or wine or some sort of hard liquor when I got older. :grin:

These days I much prefer staying up watching a TV show or reading a book.

Though there were some years I did the fireworks thing too.

So what about you guys? What do you guys do to ring in the new year?


After some years of never managing to get anything set for NYE, then more years of working through it, I embraced my inner introvert (wait, are there even outer introverts…?) and decided the reason I never bothered to get into any of the parties was because I don’t really like parties that much and doing “something small with a few friends” was still adhering to the same convention, and what I really wanted to do, especially on a night when that’s unthinkable for many people, was absolutely nothing. There’s a sense of liberty to that.

That said, “nothing” in my book consists of watching concert videos on that one TV station that always lines up live shows on big holidays, or on YouTube when the scheduled shows were crap, maybe scheduling a movie so it finishes before 12 and the noise outside doesn’t bother me, and maybe drawing a comic or something. Oh, and hanging out on Twitter with all the other folks who didn’t bother going out has become a staple, too.

I wanted to do that yesterday, too, but my flatmate dragged me to one of the small parties. Oh well, can’t win them all.


A couple of years ago, I won a retweet by author Maureen Johnson after she called for the lamest NYE plans. Mine was to look up when the fireworks started and to consider maybe going outside to see what the fuzz was about, but probably just staying inside anyway.


If I am awake, I like to kiss my wife. It’s the only bit of the NYE tradition I actually like. If it were up to me/us we would just go to bed, but even when we have done that we’ve felt obliged to stay awake till midnight to phone parents.

There are, however, some New Year’s Day traditions that I really like to honour: my wife’s family always eat “naked children in the grass” and tbey’re delicious and easy to make, as well as having a funny name :smile: