What kind of support for ADHD can you get at uni? (UK)

So I got a form from the uni I applied to asking me about the stuff I struggle with and one of the sections is what the uni can do to support me.

Now I’ve never done anything like this before and so I don’t know what accommodations there actually are for ADHD at university.

I also don’t currently have a diagnosis (I’m saving up to go private coz otherwise I could be on the waiting list for 2 years which is impractical) so I’m not sure what I CAN get in the first place.

At my old school I had regular sessions where I would go and talk to someone about how I’d been and how I was getting on and just a general overview of what I needed still to complete. She also started helping me with revision techniques.

I also had one teacher in particular who recognised that I was struggling and told me to come and sit in her lessons to work which really really helped me.

Are either of those realistic things to ask for?

Are there any other accommodations you would recommend looking into?

Thank you in advance!


Ok first question you asked was what the accommodations are. They may include: Extra time on work and tests, private time with the teacher (if you’re lucky), and even sometimes work changed or removed (again if your lucky). But all the accommodations vary depending on the kid or adult.I don’t really know your situation or how bad you have it. But if you can get them I think it might be nice. I hope you do well in your university!!!

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So I am in the process of finishing my Masters in the UK (QMUL) and before I completed my Undergrad at Brunel. Eventhough, I had my diagnosis already when I started Uni, in both Universities I had to have a talk with someone from the Disability and dyslexia office to find the best solutions for my needs. From my experience most of the Universities offer ‘‘ADHD assessments’’ (It’s not them doing them but they send you somewhere to get assessed). I think they are even paid for by uni. So don’t worry about the diagnosis, they are usually quite quick to sort this out.

Personally I only ever wanted extra time (usually they give you up to 20%), quiet exam conditions, rest breaks during exams and typing on a computer and because of my anxiety I did not have to do presentations. Looking back I should have taken advantage of a study skills tutor and these kind of services they offered.

Compared to where I am from, Switzerland, I felt way more supported by the universities in the UK, as they were enabeling me to actually complete the courses despite my struggles that come with the ADHD. But I think students with a disability/condition are generally more protected by law in this country.

So back to your question if you’re asking for realistic things. Yes, absolutely. Also I think in most of the Unis in the UK first year of university does not count (you just need to pass) or is a small percentage of your over all grades. This gives you some time to figure out which support you need and what works best for you.

For me the hardest part out of all these arrangements was the part of reaching out to the university, after that I felt very supported. So I would reach out to them in the starting weeks of your course and discuss your options.

Hope this helped a bit and good luck!!