What the best therapy for this problems ?

I have major problem in my life and after that i don’t really have i can have an happy life and i find strategies toe cope with
This is my problems

(Better with time but little addiction and need an hard therapy) - Porn addiction ( Less than before but i’m addicted ) There is therapy and more for that ? ( Its not Hard addiction; i spend like 20 minuts a day but i i don’t i begin to feel bad and have some lack and depression symptoms when i try to stop.

( Better with time but need a real therapy )- Eating disorder , i eat to feel better and when i control it i wake up at the night to eat , i’m not fat but i’m scared to get and have bad bloodpressure eating sugar. Know if there is some therapys too about that.

( Healed and better with time )- I have also medication for ADHD and my personnal stuff for sleeping and also for have a good system for stable work and personnal order. So her thats clean after hard work.

I search multiples and possible therapy for that. Thanks for answer. I search by my own too.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is probably a good place to start. It can be useful in addressing most of what you’re dealing with. However, there are other issues that will also need to be explored. Sometimes with things like compulsive sexual behavior it may be less about an addiction and more connected to views about sex, unmet intimacy needs, or even just boredom. CBT can help explore that. CBT can also be great for disordered eating thoughts and behaviors. There are some good resources out there online for eating disorder support.

It may be worth talking with your therapist about which one of these things you’d like to tackle first. It’s likely that treating one will help the other, but it could be overwhelming to try to do it all at once. Just be open, honest, and willing to engage. If you put in the work, the therapy will work for you. Good luck!