What to take for Diagnosis?


Hi everyone, I’m 19 and going to talk about Adhd to a Psychiatrist, I’m from Australia and it would be really helpful if you could help me gather information for the dr, I have copies of my report cards from grade 4 - grade 11 to show I’ve had problems since early schooling I’ve also written my main issues now in life with work ect…



I don’t know how the assessments are organised there, in the UK, for me at least, there was a very comprehensive list of set questions to go through with the consultant. I don’t think you need anything more than you already have, although they will want additional information about you as a child, usually from someone in your family.


They will probably want to talk to parents partners ect. I took my wife along and it made the process easier with her telling the psyc her observations about my daily behavior. She was able to tell him things about me that i thought where normal. Like loosing keys wallets sunglases constantly my long list of projects that are not quite finished. And so on. But that was the seccond appointment. It seems to be a long process in australia for diagnosis. I had 4 appointments with the psychologist 2 apponintmets for psycometric testing and so far 4 appointments with the psychiatrist for trialing medication.

Also they will want recent blood tests done and a clean bill of helth from your GP to make sure you dont have any medical conditions that could be causing / adding to your symptoms.

Good luck and stick with it if your diagnosed and treated it will hopefully make your life easier and better.



Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll get someone who is with me daily or something who has known me my whole life :slight_smile: thanks


I took my partner with me :slight_smile: Other than that everything I needed was already there (though I also took the questionnaires they’d sent me in the post beforehand.


Thanks gave them a call yesterday and they said I just need to bring myself and if I had evidence from school even better :slight_smile: I’m in for an hour and half session then that day they will give me a diagnosis if i do have something and set a 12 month plan for me then I just see a dr in the mean time until the 12 months is up then I go back and see the dr again


I hope it goes well for you and you get what you need out of them :slight_smile: