What Went Wrong in Hawaii! Storytime Road Vlog



I mean, if things ARE going to go wrong, it’s a nice place to have them go wrong for you.:sweat_smile::wink: Imagine it happening in Northern Wisconsin or Canada…:joy:


It got to nearly the end of the video before I understood what a watermelon conference was. I thought it was some trendy new term I hadn’t heard of :rofl:

Good to see Jessica hanging in there, and staying strong. The new style videos are cool too. This must be so hard…


Awwwww I love it @Jessica!!!
You are perfect and because of you we have this incredible Tribe,… wait…that makes you our Queen!!! Yes that’s our :crown::brain:.
Thanks for your authenticity and for being a leader in this area. I am so much better hearing about all the topics of other brains just like me, it reinforces that we have strengths that are not INVISIBLE and that we can be here for one another.
Thank you!!!


I was assuming actual watermelons. Now, I am thinking something went past me.


As in an audience of watermelons? :grinning: One of the youtube comments said that, I thought that was a fab image!

I am pretty sure it was watermelon growers and/or sellers, but the link to adhd was, as Jessica said, pretty obscure, so I thought it was a new use for an old word, like, for example, “scrum” in an office environment, with no mud, no tight shorts, no hymn-singing and no risk of cauliflower ear or spinal injury. (at least, one hopes that none of those things are present… :joy:)


Yeah, I assumed it was some industry conference of sorts, especially since Hawai’i is a great place for conferences, and you could probably grow great watermelons there too!:sweat_smile:


Such a good reminder that people with ADHD are often the people best equipped to deal with failure! We are super resilient, and super adaptable. It’s all about having the faith that everything will be alright in the end.