What would a brain-friendly house look like?

Congratulations, you are an architect who has been tasked with designing an ADHD - friendly home:

  • What features does it have/not have?

  • What’s the layout like?

  • Anything extra that most homes don’t have?

  • Absolutely anything else you want to include??

The floor is yours, I’m excited to hear what people think!



  • open shelves
  • wide spaces ( for pacing )
  • non-crowded kitchen
  • lots of windows ( to help with circadian rhythm )
  • easy to clean surfaces
  • big closets!! ( smaller ones are a pain in the butt lol )

Does not:

  • slippery/curvy stairs
  • sharp edges ( too easy to bang your head )

Layout: no idea… I’ll have to think more on this one :thinking: ( but the washing machine/dryer will definitely be in the bathroom!! )


  • designated fidget bucket
  • lots and lots and lots of labels, buckets, shelves, and general organizational tools
  • a mini-shelf in various rooms that contain the essentials for each room (ex. car keys and wallet by front door, grocery list and budget by fridge, etc.)
  • a planning room w/ all the scheduling tools you could possibly need

Extra-extra: a room specifically made for when you’re hyper focused! Small pantry/mini-fridge, water cooler, nearby restroom, giant whiteboard, lots of easy-to-access shelves, outlets, big open space w/ natural lighting ( and possibly a sofa-bed )

Oh! And a timer + waterprood speakers in the shower :sweat_smile:

This was SO much fun to think about :laughing: what would you do?


I really, really, really like these ideas.


Lots of space!!! The layout would definitely have to have a few different doors/corridors between different rooms so you could take a different route to walk between different rooms every time.
More than one door to get into and out of the house too, one front door but there would be one or more garden doors too, and maybe some doors leading directly from the outside into different rooms.
A big garden too!!
Just so much space that the house wouldn’t start to feel boring, as soon as you got bored of one room you’d just move to another!
Also if there was some other fun addition too, like a slide between different floors, that would be so cool… :grin:

Also it would be perfect if the house would be as “smart” as possible. A robotic floor cleaner and as many self-cleaning appliances as possible… :smile: The less house work there’s left for actual humans the better!
Maybe the door could have a fingerprint or a face recognition lock so you wouldn’t have to remember keys?


A very interesting question!

I would want a simpler smaller house. Kitchen (30%), Living/study room (30%), bedroom(15%), bathroom(5%). Mostly open common area (15%), utility room(5%). Single story. Plenty of bookshelves. Only enough closet/storage space to store the essentials (forcing me to get rid of stuff). Mostly glass walls facing a private backyard/garden. Skylights to bring in more natural light. Possibly movable/repartitionable interior walls so that I can reconfigure the space for variety or if there are guests. Situated near a nature park to go for walks.

A giant clock/calendar/display in every room to remind me what I am supposed to be doing (via color). Should show critical notifications as well. Lights that go on when dark but off at sleep time. Display on the main door that shows if I have everything I need to go out + reminders (given important things are tracked). Organized storage space with digital labels as to what goes where. “smart” house in the sense it reminds me of things based on room + time/date. Allow partial access to some of this to a coach (so that weekly/monthly/yearly reviews happen).

May be I can implement some of this in my present place!


This is something I’ve realised I value a lot! Pacing, yoga… right now I’m studying on my floor…

This makes so much sense!! Especially in the bedroom to help waking up go smoothly


I was waiting for someone to mention this :clap: :clap:

I’m on the fence about this one… It would definitely be fun! And that could be a problem when it comes to ‘why did I come in here again?’ :rofl:


Yes please…

I suppose that’s kind of the idea in a way - maybe we can’t have it perfectly but it might inspire us to see what we can do with what we do have :hugs:


I was inspired to ask this question by watching Elementary, because the Brownstone is not treated like your regular house.

So on that note, I would add LOTS of wallspace, potentially with writing potential - whiteboards? Materials that can get dirty without being damaged

Oh and a few chairs that are also swing chairs, for that vestibular sensory input!


Forgot to mention this one is sooo great! I’m actually thinking of trying to do this somehow with my shower… At least with the timer


I once worked in a place where most every wall had whiteboards! [The prior company renting this place was going to get into animated cartoons and the walls would’ve been used to stick on and review cels – cartoon drawings transferred to transparent plastic. I suppose the term cel comes from “celluloid” film that was used as film stock by the movie industry prior to them switching to acetate film in 1950s] Anyway, the place also had plenty of windows so it was bright and cheerful. I made maximum use of these walls!


Wow it’s so much fun hearing everyone else’s ideas!!! I especially like the bit about smart houses ( @violet ) white boards, and swing chairs ( @Assynj ) :laughing:

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I just want a really big barn with my ideal farm house… that way i have room for all the ideas i keep having. (this is not what’s best for me, probably, but i’d be sooo happy)


This sentence speaks to me on a spiritual level :joy: :joy: :joy:


I would like a house that is sound-proofed so that no outside sounds are audible (burglar alarms; emergency sirens; barking dogs; screaming children; “Planes, Trains and Automobiles!”; fireworks; gunshots (sad isn’t it); Etc.

Sounds often startle me . . . Or distract me . . .

Of course not hearing can be dangerous . . . “Hey, anybody home? Your car is on fire! . . . Your dog is loose . . . Your mother-in-law has locked herself out (:rofl:) . . . Etc.

This was fun . . . :sunglasses:


I think this is made all the more obvious when I wear my noise-cancelling headphones on a daily basis :sweat_smile:


I just had a thought: pull-out, retractable bench space in some areas of the house, like the kitchen or bathroom. Discretely creates more bench space during the messier times but nobody else needs to know and you can push it right back in :wink:

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That sounds so exciting!!

Also I appreciate the word etymology, I think I’ve heard that somewhere before and it all makes sense now :blush:


@Assynj, fold down desks, beds etc are pretty useful in cramped spaces. I love looking at architecture mags that show off such ideas. You may like the following!

As a grown up kid I have always wanted human scale “Legos“ with which you can build and rebuild your real house as many times as you want but very cheaply and creatively!


I want to live in that house! Sounds perfect.