What's your ADHD book?


I thought it might be interesting to share the most helpful books we encountered regarding ADHD and similar.

One book that helped me tremendously is sadly only available in German (to the best of my knowledge) : “Dinge geregelt kriegen - ohne einen Funken Selbstdisziplin” (getting stuff done - without an ounce of self discipline) by Kathrin Passig and Sascha Lobo.
It is not especially about ADHD, although one chapter is dedicated to it, it is for all procrastinators out there :grinning:. It mainly focuses on self acceptance and how to not have to do things that impact you negatively. For instance, if you’re bad at paying your bills, get someone else to do it for you and do something else for them that you are good at. It really helped me do dump a lot of the guilt for being “lazy” and “incompetent”.

So, what’s your book? :open_book:


Das ist ja super hier gleich mal ein deutsche Buch empfohlen zu bekommen, das kenne ich auch noch gar nicht, danke! :hugs:


After my diagnosis I spent time trying to figure out where I went wrong with my marriage and honestly the book that helped me the most was “the couple’s guide to ADHD”


My church elder is actually working on “Switch on your brain,” by Caroline Leaf. It combines Mental Health with Religion. I don’t know how it is over there, but i’m a born again Christian and in the states we take one on one classes with church elders to help us in our journey and how to be good to other people, especially ones with a different point of view.


Didn’t know my brain was quirky back then, but I could definitely have used that ten years ago.


Yea I didn’t know I was a brain before the divorce either


I am looking at books for self coaching on time managment, boundaries and other items to help me live my life the way I want with ADHD instead of in competition. I am struggling however because none of these authors seem to have ADHD.

I am considering a few that are at least geared towards adults with ADHD, instead of parents of kids with ADHD. I am however really sensitive to the way neurotypicals end up getting the big money for treating us. Especially since the majority of problems I have are directly related to behavior of neurotypicals, so maybe they should buy books from us on how they should behave (it would have to come out in installments lol).

Anyway, sorry for ranting. If anyone knows books by ADHD having authors I would love to know about it. I’m gonna keep looking for them, but may just get a book or two from a neurotypical author. I will report back if they are helpful.

I would love to write a book about ADHD and Organizing (like for unions or campaigns like the awesome #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs ADAPT campaign) but I need to gain an ability to schedule first. I really hope someone from this forum ends up publishing a book too!

ETA: found a good resource that directed me to ADHD authors. I think I’m going to get one of Lynn Weiss’s books first. I will let you know if it is helpful. Resource http://www.addcoach4u.com/adhd-books/addbooks1.html


Ooo. Good question. Mine I found before diagnosis (maybe helped me realize…). Is called:

Organized for Life. By Dana Rayburn. I think she has adhd.

Anyway, gems of gold - run your dishwasher every night and unload it every morning. No matter how much is in it, just put it on every night. Don’t wait for it to be full.

That might be common sense to others but was like a goddamn revelation for me! Changed my life. Lol.

Another gem was - when you’ve been away on vacation, don’t let yourself go into the relaxed “i’m home mode” until you’ve unpacked your suitcase, put washing in the hamper and put everything else away.

This has saved me from tripping over a suitcase
of clothes for three to six weeks after arriving home. Amazing tip! Again, probably a no brained for most but life changing advice for me.

It comes in an e-book and so you can download it right to your phone. Can’t recommend this book highly enough.


“Driven to distraction” and “You mean i’m not lazy, stupid or crazy” best i have found and youtube videos of Russell Barkley if that is correct spelling.


The book Women with Attention Deficit Disorder is absolutely amazing (It was first published before the change from add to adhd but they kept the title when they updated it). It’s written by Sari Solden who does actually have ADHD. There is an ebook and audio book that Sari Solden reads herself. I’ve read several adhd books, but this just really hit home as it deals with how adhd presents in and affects women. It helped me really see how my ADHD symptoms impacted my life growing up (wasnt diagnosed until 26) and understand everything so much better. There are also practical sections dealing with friendship, relationships, and organizing which were all very helpful.


What do you like from Russell? Have you found it useful?

I’ve watched some of his videos and while he’s clearly a brilliant fella, he makes me feel like there is no hope for us… at all. I’ve wanted to like him so am open minded. He’s just made me so sad.


Well you make a fair point there, to be honest what i got from it was just that it felt like he hit the nail on the head with everything related to understanding and describing what is going on in the adhd brain, so it helped in the sense of thank god its not all in my head and it actually is a real major thing that is really challenging, because in “normal” society i feel like its brushed off still as a kind of everyone struggles and i am no different just lazier sorta thing, but yeah it was not so helpful in the sense of ideas and stratagies but more just validation that adhd is a massive fucking battle and im not just useless and lazy.


But the books i mentioned i did find usefull in the tips and ideas way for planning out life etc.


I think you need to remember that russel is a clinician who deals in the hard truths of reserach. He isnt a therapist and his focus seems to be on neuro chemistry and biology ect.

I the other thing i have noticed is his stuff on youtube is about 10 years old. People like him are our hope the guys that spend their lives lerning and researching ADHD.

Its full of good technical details that for me anyway alow me to explain things to the rest of the world with strong data.

For now our condidtion is for most of us here somthing that we will deal with forever and the research these guys do is what makes our lives easier and helps us defend against those that think that ADHD is not real or an excuse or whatever. Not to mention they are the ones that will develop future treatment of the condition or if we are lucky the prevention.

People like @Jessica and the psycologists and the ADHD coaches are the ones that teach us the stratagies and coping mechanisinms and provide the insperation to keep growing as people and to live the best lives we can and people like Russel are the hard science that will move us forward to hopefully the end game where ADHD is either gone or no more significant than having fair skin or freckles. One other point is from what i have seen from Dr Barkley is that his content on the web is more aimed at doctors and care givers of children than people with ADHD.

Differnt tools for differnet jobs is probably the easy way to explain it



Well said AMAK, i think the same point i was trying to get across in my drunken message just before.


But yours was much clearer and well written :slight_smile:



Ha ha yeh i love concerta. It connects the dots between how smart i thought i was and what i actually deliver its nice being able to put things on a page that make sense to somone apart from myself.


Yeah same for me with ritalin which is same thing but different delivery system rite? yeah that’s one of the massive things for me having a high IQ and feeling smart but not being able to show it in the real world but with meds it makes it possible, although still challenging as fuck at least with the knowledge like in the russell b vids and then the help books and the meds its actually possible unlike before.


Yep totaly agree. Its funny how at the end of the day when your meds wear off and you revert back to ADHD you and with a little rebound on top that you REALY apreciate how well the meds work. But anyways thats a differnt topic and not realy related to the good books that are about.

Reminds me of the series on netflix “Limitless”but instead of being a genius your just functional.

I havent read any of the self help books yet. But i will get into a couple soon. Its almost time for me to give a little focus to work on a few deficancies.



Im feeling like your taking notes out of my brain, because i have thought all that and i even remember trying to tell “normal” people about my view on limitless which is exactly the same, its so relaxing talking like this when we are speaking the same languge being adhd mind langauge, now this is making me frustrated about how hard it is to talk to “normal” people because its like bashing your head against a brick wall, but no matter how hard it is i keep trying because i just wan’t to fit it in some way or another.