What's your ADHD book?


Maybe there needs to be a adhd resort island with no “normals” so there is no confusion and everyone just talks openly like this without all the “hints” and bullshit like that, excuse me im getting a little drunk.


Ha ha yeah i get ya. I am lucky enough to work with some very smart people way smarter than me. And i have found that they get me more than some of my oldest friends. They appreciate the quite often inappropriate off the cuff comments and the lets call it divergent ways i look at problems.

But then again they are all a little wierd in differnt ways also.

No one gets offended when you are straight to the point or wonder off down a rabbit hole of verbal diarrhoea about an idea or soloition or trying to explain that superman isnt the greatest superhero because he would be a dictator if he thought he was powerfull enough to take out wonderwoman when it came to the crunch.

Its good being with your people on this forum.


Yeah this is comforting, i finnaly work with people that are similar to what your saying and its so relaxing being able to let your mouth run free without having to worry, my boss is different to me in the sense of not getting drunk or doing drugs and other risky stuff but when it comes to speaking his mind and not being offended we get on perfect, i think that is the key to being able to relax in a job and enjoy it (as much as you can with work)


I love the analysis of superman that is some of the stuff about adhd i enjoy, when you get that processing going on it feels like instead of looking a computer screen with the front end application, your seeing all the stuff in the background and your able to see more in depth. but most people just don’t get it.


Taking Charge of Adult ADHD by Russell Barkley. The way it’s laid out is so ADHD friendly. Love it!