when aged 3, I used to cry when my mother left me at nursery school

As a child, aged 3, I used to cry, when my mother left me in nursery schoo ?. I had allergies and poor health as well.

Is that a symptom of ADHD, most likely or aspergers ?

I am said to have mild/moderate ADHD and borderline asperger syndrome and moderate dyspraxia ?


I think lots of children cry when left at nursery school so it’s pretty normal. I don’t think it’s a symptom of anything, but I’m not an expert

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I know I’m waaaaaaaay late to the party so sorry😅

But I work at a daycare, and a great deal of the kids get very upset when their parents leave. Some of them can be consoled fairly quickly, or get distracted playing with other kids, but some kids, especially the very young ones, will just cry and cry and cry unless someone is holding them. Even then, for some of them it isn’t enough and they still wail. There’s one poor little guy who will attach himself to my leg the minute he comes and will cling to my pants the whole time he’s there. He won’t let go even to play with his brother. It’s probably quite normal for kids to get overwhelmed with separation anxiety, especially at such a young age.


I was a week late starting kindergarten and on my first day was also late showing up(ADHD parents anyone?). I walked in just as playtime had begun and tried to join the other kids on the monkey bars. Two twins hassled and started teasing me. I walked out of the grounds and the two miles home. And resolutely refused to go back. I still remember their names: Darryl and Dean Hodder–nemeses forever. Rejection sensitivity and oppositional defiance began early for me.