When you want to work on 319048093 projects at the same time. Who relates? Who has tips?

So, at the very moment I have several ideas and projects and other things in the running. Let’s give you my list :joy: :

  • I want to get back to my YouTube channel
    -I want to post covers once a week
    -I want to post other things once a week
    -I might consider putting an ADHD day in too….
    -I have a concert soon that we have plenty of rehearsals of and I need to practice for at home
    -Obviously I have school
    -I still have a BIG project from last year open
    -I have some exams coming up
    -I have homework of course
    -I want to write/type all these summaries to keep forever in case I wanna study again
    -I want to make my own songs
    -I have this music project going on with a big group
    -I have a Michael Jackson fan account in the running. Need to keep making edits etc for that
    (btw follow me if you want: @moonwalking_bubbles. You know I had to self-advertize that)
    -I have another instagram account and a facebookpage linked to my YouTube channel.
    Wanna get that running as well
    -I have a bullet journal that I’m preparing for next year (yeah I won’t be done by next year)
    -I have plans of starting something in social media about ADHD and mental health but idk what and how and where yet
    -I wanna workout
    -I wanna become vegan
    -I also wanna dance muuuuch more
    -practice singing and dancing a lot more
    -I wanna learn to play the piano
    -I wanna learn different dance styles BY MYSELF CAUSE CLASS MEANS MONEY
    -I still have about 293084108 drawings that need to be finished. In the mean time I also want to start on about 23908204 new drawings
    -I wanna expand my magnet, Jewelry (even if I barely wear it), make up (which I also barely wear), cuddle toy (which I’m not allowed to have too many), slime, squishy, fidget spinner and other fidget toys collection
    -I wanna start a harry potter and marvel collection
    -I still want to buy a lot of expensive things that have to do with music and filming
    -I am thinking about what to do with my room cause I’m running out of space to put things.
    -I have a whole list of things I want to learn about and make a document about so I can study about them at all times (it’s at least as long as this list)
    -I have a HUUUGE list of music genres and artists I want to discover and listen to and study (Yeah that list is much much bigger then this list)
    -I have a list of movies I wanna watch (also as big as this one)

Yeah there are probably a lot more that I forgot right now.
NOTE: This is reality. These are litteraly all things I want to do or make or whatever.

Anyone else relate?
If you have a list like this, comment it. Curious what everyone has (remembers things to add to the list and adds them).

And does anyone have tips to tackle at least a bunch of them in a productive way? I make schedules and all that all the time. But guess what: I either forget things (it’s a big list. Don’t blame me. Well I should blame myself bc I came up with the list myself. Wow things are complicated here), or I have a beautiful schedule but I will not live up to that schedule. I’m adding things one by one, the way Jessica explained it, but that doesn’t completely help either. I get bored bc it doesn’t go fast enough with that. Soooooo any tips? And no, there’s no way to slim that list down. That will never ever happen :joy::joy::joy:

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Oh I remember more things that need to be added to the list:
-There’s a few dances I wanna choreograph
-There’s this really big project I wanna restart. REALLY big project

I can totally relate to this, I’ve been working on a bunch of things lately and completely lost count but I am pretty sure it’s over 10 things I forgot what they were so now I need to remember what they were I know one involves a festival I’m going to next week and the other is an app I’m working on, the others I’ve completely forgotten about…

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Yeah. I also forgot I have a crystal and shell collection. I have this thing with collecting things. So yeah…

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Absolutely! My life is just one great big unfinished project and I have no idea where to start at.

I relate. And, I’m trying to limit my focus. There are simply things I won’t get involved with, although I do feel I could do a good job – becoming a photographer, f.e… I just said “no” to it a long time ago and I’ve benefited from sticking with that choice. I think my list has sometimes been just as long as the 319048093 projects listed in the original post, but I hope people can follow my (slight) example and realize, it IS indeed possible to slowly pare down on the list. I’m not only rejecting photography, I’m rejecting being an astronaut! And an international spy! And …

@Bubbles17 A mentor of mine once said to me when explaining my own similar issue: “You can do anything you want, but not everything you want”.

Having followed this principle more and more over the past 2 years: It has given me much distress in that I have had to suspend many of the items on my own version of your list — but as much satisfaction for the projects I was able to complete as a result (especially the ‘more boring’ but higher priority tasks in life).

Ours is a matter of time perception — What you and I and many others in this tribe have are lists of things whose entirety will take years, even decades to complete; and we either want to or even think we could start a few or all of them at the same time; and think we can complete items much more quickly than in reality.

  • On the minus side - the reality check is that this is highly infeasible; as doing so will near guarantee burnout (I think Jessica has a video or two on just that topic).

  • On the plus side - we have enough projects to keep our minds engaged throughout a lifetime.

Thus my quick advice could be:

  1. Put every… single… one… of your projects and ideas into a spreadsheet (Excel, OneNote, Google Sheets, whatever…)

  2. Try to identify the number of 5-30 minute tasks needed to complete each, and the real-world deadlines for each. For example: ‘pay phone bill’ can be done in 5 minutes and MUST be done by the x’th of the month; but ‘learn to play the piano’ can be broken down into several major sub-projects, each of those sub-projects can in turn be broken down into up to hundreds of 5-30 minute sessions, and could sake several months to years.

  3. For the ‘giant’ projects - treat them as the longer term projects they are — nothing you could blast through over a weekend if you also need to work, eat, study, do assignment, sleep, etc. Instead, invest some time up front to research and design a ‘curriculum’ i.e. ‘game plan’ which breaks the project down into individual 15-60 minute tasks as much as possible.

  4. For the smaller projects - do the same. Such projects should require no more than 2 or 3 15-60 minute tasks, ranging from going to the gym on the short end to laundry + cleaning you room on the long end. Nothing more than that. These projects are also typically the short term ones with closer deadlines for full completion (e.g. paying bills) whereas the longer ones are long term of whose sub-projects or sub-tasks may have deadlines (or not).

  5. Make a list of the smaller projects as each of their subtasks plus the larger projects as only 1 entry for the next actionable subtask. Prioritize them by deadline and importance (e.g. the homework due in 3 days is higher priority than the report due in two weeks, and each are higher priority than your YouTube channel unless you’re a successful YouTuber and its your main source of income).

  6. Sort the list by these priorities. These are the things you could work on right now as they need to get done sooner than later. Put them in your schedule to complete, along with the next actionable tasks for no less than 2 long term projects as a ‘fun/relief activity’.

All your other small and large projects? Pretend they don’t exist. They’re certainly off your mind and safely stored out of sight for when you’ve completed enough tasks to add them in; like with a queue.

My ideas are largely inspired by a somewhat similar system that I use, which is inspired by David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” book/model which you could refer to if interested for more info.

Regardless, the main idea here is the following:

  • We clearly can’t do all of our projects at once, but we can complete the smaller and short term ones while slowly but surely working through the larger and long term ones on the side.
  • If we make a basic game plan for the many of our larger ones, we can create a list of tasks which we could work on one at a time versus causing a bottleneck and burning ourselves out.
  • If that plan exists for our small and giant projects and ideas: we can much better keep them out of our minds because our minds know they’re safely stored for the next time to work on them.

Hope this helps as a starting point!


Jeez that was a lot to read :joy::joy::joy:

I might re-read it tonight, if I remember it. I’m sure it’ll help me. Thanks a lot. I wish I could do all the projects in one fingersnap (Like thanos does :joy:). But that’s not reality :+1:t2:

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