Where have you brains been all my life?!?

Hi. I turned 50 the other day and a friend from an Autism support group (son with Autism) posted something that led me here. I have felt quite certain that I have ADHD for many years, but never have received an official diagnosis. As long as I can remember, I always felt different from everyone else. Almost like the world was in a club and I was on the outside. I left home at 15 due to abuse and moved in with my sister in another state to finish school. I have an amazing counselor that I talk to weekly. I’m happily married and have two sons. Since my step-mother was so abusive, I was determined to never let my kids feel like I did. However, in my efforts I did WAY too much for them. Then I fell in my garage, snapping off my tailbone and injuring my back. Suddenly those boys had to do dishes, cooking, laundry, etc. The resentment in the air was thick! I had problem after problem and the 12th specialist discovered that I had colon cancer. They removed 14" of my colon and 12 lymph nodes. Thank God they believe they got all the cancer so I didn’t require chemo or radiation. I’m sorry, I just realized that I’m rambling. Back to the topic at hand…ADHD. I learned through the How To ADHD youtube channel that ADHD doesn’t necessarily mean hyper. It can also mean jumping from topic to topic or interrupting to blurt out whatever is on my mind. Can any of you relate to feeling different from everyone else?


Well “different” yes! But then again we are all different one from the other. ADHD however does have a wide range of characteristics (symptoms if you prefer) which vary amongst us. However certainly there are things that are “typical“.

Sounds like you’re happy you found us. So welcome! btw: I was 53 when I was diagnosed. In another month I will be 74.

So glad to hear that you beat the cancer.

Hope to hear more from you.



Thank you for the warm welcome Barry. Of course everyone is different, but to me it always felt like everyone “got it” and I didn’t…if that makes any sense. Question: Was I supposed to click on the word symptoms on your reply? I clicked on it thinking I’d see a list of ADHD symptoms, but it just brought up an ad.

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I just typed in the word . . . not intending / nor imagining it could serve as a link! Very curious . . . :roll_eyes:

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Short answer, Yes.


We can all relate, in exactly the same way, exactly like one another, to being entirely different from everyone other than ourselves. (Cf. “Life of Brian” … “We are all individuals!” “I’m not!”)


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