Where you from? I could use somebody ..... someone like yooooou?!?!

Hi all I’m looking to make a friend who I can chat with me up with and just generally help through life and get help.

I have only ever opened up properly to partners and as I’m no longer with them I can’t really do that anymore.

I always found it hard to make friends and maintain it as used to feel like there is only so much space in my brain, making plans, not feeling rejected etc etc

So ideally I would like someone who is close by I live in Colchester UK just wondering if there is anyone nearby?


Hello and welcome!

I don’t live near you but just wanted to say that if you take the plunge and share your stuff on here, you are likely to be pleasantly surprised at how well ‘strangers’ can support one another.

Have a look at some of the support threads on here for an idea of how good it can be.

Amazingly, someone else on here was struggling with something important for work late at night on the exact same evening as me the other day. I think it helped us both, and that is something almost impossible to ask of a real life friend or study buddy (because of the time of day - erm… night, actually!

Where I live there is a real life adhd meet up once a month but I only manage to get there once or twice a year and have not yet made friends that way. Definitely worth looking out for though!

I have made friends with someone from a supported self help group for people with adhd or autism who has self esteem issues. What helped there is that we had all already been open with each other about stuff in a very safe and supportive environment (it was run by colleagues of our own therapists at the clinic where we were diagnosed).

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