Why don't I do the thing?

I am so sick of NOT doing the thing I want to do, so much. I want it, I “neeeeeeeddd” it, I have defined my life on the basis of doing it, but then I don’t do it. Why won’t I do it? I do the laundry instead. I clean my room. There are emails to answer. It’s not “wall of awful” avoidance, it’s just … every-day procrastination. Why won’t I do the thing? Geez! DANGIT!! I’m getting up to about thirty years (literally) of delay here …


When you find the answer, can you tell me? :rofl:

Is there a specific thing you’re trying to do or just in general?


Yeah I’m still looking for the do-the-thing pill.

For me, the “big thing” is that I have tons and tons of writing I want to do. I have literally NO self-starter-ness on it. But I’m good at it when I do it. The Great Novel Of Our Century will remain in my head until I die, so I fear. Unless I find the right pill to get it out of my head.


Yargh this not-doing-the-thing thing is so frustrating! Why don’t I do the thing! Dangit! :frowning:


Hi. I know that experience. I feel like it is a weird version of rebellion. I don’t want to be told what to do, even if it is me doing the telling.

For whatever reason, I’ll put off doing stupid things until right before I go away for a weekend or something. So, I won’t write that letter until it is absolutely last minute. Here’s a trick that sometimes works: come up with another thing that has to be done–Plan B. Maybe you will do Plan A (writing) while you avoid Plan B.

Or, make yourself sit and do it for just 15 minutes. Chances are that you will stay longer. Good luck. It sucks.


I do this, too. I have so many ideas in my head, for comics, for games - but there’s always a reason not to start, right? I want my art to be good enough that it does justice to the grand design in my head. So I’ll just wait until I’m better. I’ll remember to practice, someday.

I wonder if this is also perfectionism/fear of rejection creeping in? I want to make things, but I want them to be good, and I think on some deep level I don’t yet believe I’m good enough to realize them.

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I find some help on this subject with the concept of “Wall of Awful” (cf. Jessica’s video/s about it) and other help with the concept of “can’t be perfect” and “can’t write War and Peace in one day.” But I obviously am not getting enough help, I’m still not starting. I have initiative-avoidance-dysphoria syndrome …

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