Why don't I want to do the things I want to do.

Hi everyone!

I’m kinda new here and haven’t been diagnosed so far even tho I’m suspecting some sort of ADD. (I’m working on an appointment with a specialist but the waiting list tends to take ages.)
But I’m somewhat running out of time lately. Currently I’m an artschool student with the subject of illustrations but I cannot seem to be motivated to do my assignments.
Actually I love to draw and work on the assignments, because most of them are about a project that I hold very dear, but somehow I’ve never been able to actually go through with those tasks. I start them but can’t finish them, even if I know what I have to do.
I try very hard to stop beating me up over it, but that takes up a lot of time and I’m afraid that the deadline I have for everything doesn’t concern me enough to be working. I mean I’m panicking about the deadline, but at the same time nothing really matters enough so that I would start to work. Even if I really want to, I just don’t want to. And I don’t get it.

Pomodoro doesn’t work with drawing and that work, but very well in household tasks that I’ve been struggling with, so does anyone have other ideas?

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Hello Puzzle, I think that procrastination and perfectionism tend to be common companions with ADHD.

Maybe try to focus on smaller details, for shorter time spans at the momnet, and work towards building back up to being more productive. Not sure if that’s feasible with the work that you produce.

Be knid to yourself, going round and round the cycle of negativity does not help in any way. Good luck!


Hello Neil! Thanks for your idea! I’m gonna give it a try tomorrow and see if that could work out for drawing.
Would you happen to know a tactic against the circle of negativity if you’re already caught up in it? Sometimes I notice the start and am able to stop it, but whenever I’m in too deep it just keeps rambling in the back of my head.
Thanks again for your answer!

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That’s a tough question!

I know the theory, as a visual processor/picture thinker myself, I find most techniques are not that well designed for me and hard to apply for myself. I realise that I’m a very small minority with this. I find the concept that a person has a self critical internal voice/monologue really strange.

Assuming you do have a negative inner voice, there is a lot of material on the web. Have a search for “Challenging neagtive thinking” or similar, maybe there will be some techniques that will help you catch it earlier more often.

I think many techniques revolve around the basic concept of CBT, which you can apply to yourself.

Identify the problem, how does it make you feel, how can you react in a better way etc.

There’s a CBT website here, it’s straight forward, very down to earth and basic presentation but worth a look:

Maybe try the holistic approach, mediation, yoga, tai chi etc.

Try everything you can find. If it works keep doing it, if not, try something else. Good luck!

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