Why is focusing so much effort?

Like I know that’s kinda the whole schtick of adhd but is it supposed to take so much energy to focus??

Like I get absolutely exhausted after doing even one thing and it’s so hard to keep my attention on the thing while I’m doing it. I dunno what’s more exhausting: doing the thing itself or making sure I don’t get distracted from the thing.

It’s very irritating.

Is it supposed to be this exhausting?


I understand and your not alone. I like to think of the need to pay attention and focus like batteries some task take more engery and there fore need to be recharged before doing a task that is draing again. This is my personal feeling but over time it can get better and task that used to be very draining on our attention are no longer as draing as they used to be. Also for me it depends on the task so if I were to listen to a podcast that is extreemly mentally draining because I dont listen to podcast often only on the rare occasion but if I decided that i dont want poducat to be draing for me i would listen to them more often. SO with practice it does get better but sometimes there are off days where your attention on a task that was not so draining is and this is usually at lest for me due to emtional disregulartion or feeling overwhelmed by the shear amount of work in front of me. Hope this helps


Definitely take extra time to recharge between tasks and when you have to repeatedly strain your attention and drain your mental energy. Hopefully like @Camper_Ellie said things will get easier over time. Self care is super important. It’s okay to have downtime in between some tasks too to give yourself a breather.

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