Wish I had a magic wand

My heart has just broken as I have just held my 5 yo (suspected adhd asd awaiting diagnosis) he woke sobbing in his sleep. He has just asked me to make him happy he just wants to feel happy but he does not know why or who make a him feel sad. We have cuddled and I have let him blow his sadness away. I don’t know what to do l, I feel helpless when I need to feel strong

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I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. News and diagnosis like this aren’t so easy, but you’ll make it through. Life will be touch, but when isn’t it? The most important thing he needs is love, support, and acceptance. The second is someone to help and guide him to be the best him possible.
ADHD can suck and Autism sucks even worse without a support system.
For now just be there and be a steady, calm anchor for him. Reassure him that ITLL BE ALRIGHT… because it will be. Life’s an uphill battle for anyone who isn’t neurotypical, but even the littlest of support and help can make a huge difference- because he’ll know he’s not alone.
I wish you good luck through this, just know it’ll all work out in the end.