Working memory 8th percentile ???


Hi everyone

I ended up only having to wait 1 month after my referral was accepted to get in to a diagnostic cognitive assessment! I was so glad yesterday when I got called off the waitlist for it!

So I had the assessment done today & got a few results but need to go back in for a full report later…
The thing is it was all quickly paced & I didn’t have time to ask questions yet. I found out some of my percentiles & just wanted to go home to sleep instead of ask more questions.
What I’m concerned about is that, since I got called yesterday I was pretty nervous so I stayed up talking to my bf = only 5 hrs sleep (usually get 6.5hrs), then missed breakfast, was late for the appt, forgot to take my concerta (even though I don’t think it’s working at 36mg anyway) didn’t have time for coffee etc. I’m not totally sure if these things would confound the results THAT badly… cause they were very bad in my opinion. These things late/not eating/coffee happen often but I felt like I should have been better prepared to give a “best brain” example for the assessment.

Plz help if you know anything about how the testing could be confounded.
Maybe I’m just overthinking it cause I haven’t accepted the results yet but a lil freaked out…
I got normalish visual/auditory around 50-67 percentile I don’t fully rmr what else. But what stood out was that I got 90th percentile for perception
Is that normal for ADHD ?


REALLY struggling to get diagnosed. Almost giving up.

Working memory issues can be a big part of adhd. My working memory is my most significant symptom, in fact. Its like amnesia sometimes!

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I totally understand, when I got my assessment It was weird seeing my scores and percentiles. I was tested for dyslexia at the same time so some of my reading and math was low as well. I found the results more interesting. I got a comprehensive assessment that had lots of recommendations and written analysis that I found more helpful.

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Yep, very common. Working memory is one of those things that even for those of us who are normally pretty high functioning will tank everything else.

You can think of it it this way: You’ve got a finite amount of slots in your memory to hold things. But when you have ADHD, your brain is pretty bad at that prioritization thing so it tries to hold on to EVERYTHING meaning that things get bumped out of working memory because of a stray thought, distraction or even just because you’re feeling anxious and the anxiety is stealing half of your slots.

Also, when going to an eval: It’s not a test like in school where you need to give it your best. You should be giving your typical. So if typical you is late, missing breakfast and forgot to take that morning dose… then you gave an accurate presentation at testing.



Well said FranB



Haha makes sense. Thanks FranB



yeah I’m getting the analysis and recommendations soon! super weird to hear it/ see a few of the preliminary numbers on paper. a little sad sprinkled in



it really does feel like that! in a way I’m wondering how I made it this far…