Working out!

Hi guys! So I’ve been working out really hard these past few days because I REALLY want to go back to my Ariels classes when school starts. To clarify, I’m not required to start at a certain time nor be at a certain level of fitness in order to return. I would just feel like a failure because I didn’t keep working out after my injury healed.

My question is, do y’all have any tips on staying motivated, managing your time, or work-outs you really like? I’m a bit bounded by my asthma so I might not be able to try everything but I always find a way to manage :grin:

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There are some basic things I do to help me.

  1. Give yourself 50% more time than you think it will take to do your workout. That way you won’t feel as rushed or pressed for time and it won’t be an unpleasant experience.
  2. After I workout I deliberately stretch for a few minutes during which time I consciously think about how I feel after the exercise. I’m calmer, clearer, more focused, I feel fresh. Then over time you start to associate exercise more strongly with that feeling and you can actively remind yourself of that feeling.
  3. I build into my routine (often as a bit of a mental break) so that my routine somewhat mandates I exercise because it is the best option/choice at that point of time in the day.
  4. I place exercise before a time in which I need to be productive so that immediately afterwards I get a bunch of stuff done and this helps with time management, general quality of life, stress levels, and motivation to be productive throughout the day.

In regards to your asthma I would first and foremost recommend seeing your doctor to get their assessment and recommendations, or potentially your pharmacist/chemist.

However there are some considerations and steps you can take to help facilitate exercise and manage your Asthma in relation to exercise:

  1. Assuming you use a fast acting bronchodilator (Ventolin inhaler or some equivalent) you should always have that present when you are exercising. Once again it’s best to consult your doctor in regards to anything relating to medication or asthma.
  2. Exercise in a warm humid environment. I’m sure you are likely aware that cold, dry air can be a trigger for asthma. Swimming is popular for this reason.
  3. Sufficient warm-up is very important. Raising your core body temperature and ensuring your respiratory system is not just thrown into the deep end will help.

I might be able to help you out on the workouts front but if I am being honest I have never done aerial yoga.

Hope this helped.

Best of luck.



Firstly, go you! Exercise is awesome. I use an app called Strong, that helps you track workouts. In the free version you can track up to 3! It really helps me

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Hey Ewan! Welcome to the forum and thanks for such a great response!!!

All of those tips were very helpful and I’ll definitely put them in. I especially liked the part about stretching afterwards and taking time to think about how you feel :grin:

I try to keep my inhaler on me ( when i remember ) but I actually built my work-out to have as much cardio with as little stress on my lungs as possible. I’m very lucky to live in a warm humid place but I had never thought about taking time to properly warm up!

Thanks so much for all the tips!!!

Oohhhh I’ll definitely check it out! Thanks @Assynj :yum:

Hey brother, Something that helped me when I was going, was a really intense music playlist. I always used the Vikings Soundtrack, because I am descended from them. lol a little unusual but I felt like I was sort of tapping into my warrior genetics when I was weightlifting. Its a different way of working out I think.


Huh, that’s a really cool way to put it! I have music I like but I’m so indecisive it takes forever to choose :sweat_smile: I’ll definitely trying and find a viking playlist!

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Man the struggle is real choosing what to listen to! Haha if you want Vikings, the History Channel tv show Vikings has every season soundtrack on ITunes!

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Ahhh ok, thanks for letting me know!