Working with tinnitus

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has tinnitus and if it’s affected their ability to work?
With medication and with a quiet environment I can often work well enough but since developing tinnitus it’s become a lot harder. I’ve tried drowning it out but white noise makes me really anxious after a while and I find music/talking too distracting.


i am an acupuncture therapist and it can be very effective for tinnitus, i may be able to give you some advice if you are happy to discuss it on here, can i ask what kind of noice you experience, it is high pitch with quick onset that comes and goes or more of a low pitch constant drone?

If you would prefer not to discuss it here dont worry i wont be offended lol, maybe you could consider seeing a local therapist, i would highly recommend it as i have helped lots of people with the same problem.

If you don’t like needles don’t panic i can just give you some free advice that may help without having to have the acupuncture at all🙂


Thanks, it’s constant and high pitched, a bit like a mosquito or a faulty phone charger and only in my left ear. It’s associated with some hearing loss so i’m hoping a hearing aid is going to help but will give anything a go.


@Samuelburns @adhdBob I have had a high pitched buzz and static in both ears. It comes and goes. It may be a side effect of medication. I am sensitive to sounds so at times it is aggravating. Is it an ADHD thing or do we just notice it more?


I think ADHD makes habituation harder, it’s been 9 months and if anything is getting worse. Also I struggle with mindfulness techniques that have been recommended.


What was recommended to you?

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I’m not sure what I’ve done with my treatment notes but there’s some info here that it was based on; Mindfulness for tinnitus | British Tinnitus Association
I wish I had the level of control over my concentration to meditate!

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You’re very welcome.

You will likely notice it more when you are at rest if it is constant, but have you noticed if the actual noice level is affected by your level of activity either better or worse when active or at rest, or is there no difference?

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I haven’t heard of a link between adhd and tinnitus but i will look into it.

I think it will certainly effect people who are sensitive to sound more but i don’t think it is something anyone can miss if they do have it.

Feel free to answer my questions to Bob about his symptoms too if you like, i will happily look into your symptoms too if you are interested :slightly_smiling_face:


@Samuelburns I am afraid that my medications are most likely cause of my problems. I take an antidepressant and a NSAID medication.

I am super sensitive to medications so I am getting medical tests to find out if I have an illness or just need to tweak my medications. The unknown causes me most of my anxiety. So I did a bit of reading that sometimes is no help at all.

I hear a high pitch noise in both ears and a bit of static. I am not sure if it comes and goes or I am to distracted at times to hear it. I think I hear it more at night.

Strangely my symptoms of my possible illnesses also cause tinnitus.

I have no problems with needles. I had shots in my spine, hands, wrists and gave blood. Your little needles can not scare me. :butterfly:

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Have you been experiencing any of the following?
-aches and pains in knees and or lower back
-feeling unrefreshed even if you sleep well
-feeling hot at night


Yes to all.

Back - degenerative disc disease
Had to have surgery.
Neck- arthritis ( I just found out today)

Pain and ADHD causes problems sleeping.

I am at times sleepy in the morning even after taking my ADHD medication that is a stimulant.

Yes I am a mess.


acupuncture would be worth considering for you, I am having success with a client who has arthritis and her symptoms are improving so something to think about.

Strange question i know but do you eat meat?

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Not much?

I do not know what you are asking. I am not a big meat eater. I eat to much pasta. I enjoy vegetables especially not cooked. Fruits are great snacks. I often eat in food groups. Vegetables for lunch, dairy or meat for dinner. I wonder if segregating foods is man ADHD thing? :butterfly:

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As far as diet goes i would suggest beef would be good for you once a week or something like that, beef bone broth if you like that sort of thing as well.
Nuts and seeds
Kidney beans
Soups and stews
vegetables are great but slightly steamed would be much better
Cooked fruits are better as well

you want to avoid
to much cold raw food
to much white processed foods like bread and pasta lol sorry
to much hot spicy foods
To much caffeine or alcohol

If you have a busy lifestyle make sure you find time to relax and rejuvenate, especially around meals so I wouldn’t eat on the go as you are working for example.

Try your best to get a good nights sleep every night as well (not so easy with adhd i know lol)

Hopefully this may be helpful for you if you want to try it, if you do though don’t stress about it, just use it as guidance not strict rules

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I found this:

I have had constant high pitched tinnitus for a long time. More in one ear. Supposedly one of the therapy is to listen to music with your tinnitus frequency filtered out which retrains your ears. But using their online test I couldn’t even determine my tinnitus frequency! May be I ought to try it again.

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This diet will help how. High protein, less sugar like food, and I have to cook. You do not know me well.


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Well from a Chinese medicine point of view its complicated but basically you are supporting the relationship and energetic functions of the kidneys/spleen/Liver with production of blood and Qi.

From a western point of view its full of antioxidants and anti-inflamitories

The reason you lightly cook them is to ensure that you get the most out of the food with the least amount of effort from your digestive system, when foods are raw or cold the digestive system had to work harder to process it, cooking food is like giving your stomach a head start, steaming is best but dont overcook them or they start losing the nutrients etc you don’t want them all soft and mushy lol

Sugary processed foods are hard for your body to break down and have little to no nutritional value.

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I am a horrible eater. Even the fruits and vegetables I like are sugary. I like crisp food but I have been told to cook them. Basically I am a lost cause. Thanks for the help. Now if I could afford a cook I would do much better.

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one thing i would say is that something like arthritis unfortunately is likely to get worse over time and so even though right now you feel like the change of eating habits is worse than your symptoms maybe in the future you will feel differently, so i would advice to act now by making small changes over time.

Just imagine it as running a marathon for the first time, you don’t start training by trying to run the full distance on the first day, but little by little you get closer to the goal, and the longer you have to prepare the more successful the outcome.

Acupuncture would be worth trying to help with your symptoms but also will help with motivation to make positive lifestyle choices too.

If you do decide to try it, i will warn you that it will take multiple treatments so don’t think you have a bad therapist if you aren’t cured after the first treatment lol but if you feel no change at all then find another therapist :slightly_smiling_face:

Feel free to ask for any further advice If you want it I will always be happy to try and help.

Good luck and good health