Workplace Accommodations


I recently requested two computer screens instead of one at work and I’m super excited! My boss is so understanding (we work for a charity that helps special needs children so everyone is understanding of special adjustments and disabilities).

I started this job in December and recently learned how to do part of my job that involves an entire day of transferring data from one spreadsheet to another. There are huge amounts of data on each spreadsheet and I find that when I switch between the windows, I instantly forget what I was doing. It hurts my head to try and focus and remember what information I need to copy over when I’m switching windows, even with my medication which helps with most other aspects of my job.

I’m hoping that having two screens, one spreadsheet on each screen, will help because I won’t have to use my terrible short term working memory to know what to transfer over - I will just see it on the other screen! But I do also worry that having two screens would be more of a distraction and I’d be more overwhelmed with all the information. But my managers are happy to let me try it out, even though it means ordering the equipment especially for me.

Since this is my first ever desk job, I was wondering if you guys have anything in place at your desk which helps with organisation? I find that colour-coding really helps me, so I also have lots of different coloured highlighters, so I can see at a glance what is what.


I work in a spread sheet that has about 4500 lines and about 40 colums. And grows weekly we use it to track details of equipment. It’s a living thing almost, complex and constantly changing with data moving around and swapping places.

It is used by a couple of us but not at the same time but when I am using it I will insert an extra colum and mark where in the spread sheet I am working by changing the colours of the lines I am working on or adding in that extra colum. That way I complete the task or tasks I have to do and then go back and check I have not made any mistakes in the data update the tab that we list any changes on and then I will remove the colour from the cells and move on. When it’s time to hand the document on to the next person I just delete the colum save it as a new version number and send it on.

Just this simple extra step saves me constantly loosing my place and prompts me to confirm that I haven’t made any careless errors. Even with meds I keep dong this because it actually makes me faster in the long term not having to go back and find mistakes and correct them because I made a simple keying error.



2 Screen are great!!! Color code sheets, I also make comments work for me…
Almost make me more complex makes it less difficult.
Good luck!!


How is it going? Did it help? I have short term memory problems too, so I totally understand. I’m glad you have such an understanding boss!