Worried about Employment

I’ve been very lucky that my ADHD has not prevented me from being successful in my school career or with my strong drive and motivation. I have a Master’s in Marine Biology. However, my drive is now causing me a lot of anxiety. I haven’t been able to gain a job in my field and recently I have been feeling like a failure.

My family and friends sometimes say I have too much drive and I want things to be done yesterday. I am really struggling to keep going with finding a job or an internship. I take each job rejection personally and I can’t emotionally take it anymore. I am not the one to give up but I don’t what I am going to do if I never find a job in my field. I feel like I wasted a good chunck of my life on a dream that will not come true.

I’m going through the same thing! I have been looking for internships for almost two years! And I haven’t found a single one yet. I had one interview, but nothing yet. I asked a few other people at school how they managed to get a job and said to just apply to every single internship and job you could find, other architecture students were applying for around 40-50 internships per week, and sometimes they found one, sometimes not. But you aren’t the only one having trouble finding a job. I tend to take rejection hard too, its discouraging when they say not, but I keep trying. Some days its easier than others, but just keep trying! Maybe you can ask your professors for quick advice, or find someone who will look over your resume, just keep trying to make yourself look great and I’m sure you will find one soon!
Good Luck! You got this!!!