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47 years old female, diagnosed less than a year ago with ADHD. Have absolutely no idea what to do with the information and seem to have got worse since finding out. Psychotic episodes and constant crying aside, I am struggling to find a way forward with all the information and answers I now have and feel like it’s a constant battle to get any kind of professional help…
Rant over!!!


can you turn to the doctors who did your diagnosis for any guidance as to where you can turn? I got referred to an ADHD Center right after I got diagnosed, maybe there is something like that? (I live in Sweden though)

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Hi @fmw!!! Welcome to the forum :yum: I’m sorry it’s so hard to get professional help, that’s definitely a common struggle here… there’s lots of info here on the forum about what people have done after diagnosis or how they got accommodations. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and share your experience! Welcome to the tribe :blush:

The consultant that diagnosed me is Private and just to talk to her on the phone now will cost me £120!! My local clinic for ADHD provided by the national health service has a waiting list!! they are only seeing people at the moment that were referred in June 2017… I was referred in July 2018! go figure!!
Am trying my luck with private ADHD coaches/therapists… but not easy to find!

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Thank you… so very much!

Solidarity. This is exactly why I’m here too :heart:

I have to say that the most support I have had, or help should I say, is following ADHD related Instagram accounts. I don’t know another soul with ADHD and I have a no relationship with my family (because I’m different!!). This is the first forum I have dared to join and just seeing other members makes me feel better!! daft really!


hey im not sure where your located and the services available? but from my experience i didnt find the first year a wirl wind of emotions and coming to grips with it all, but after that i started making progress slowly and moving forward and it has been really good although still challenging but actually possible now, that is with medication and lots lists and plans, plus also failures but more success so mostly positive.

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Not to be nosey but what Instagram accounts do you follow for ADHD? (I might like to follow some considering I have a social media problem and am constantly finding my way onto Instagram. Might as well get some use out of it. :’))

I am also sorry about your current state rn in not being able to get more help or therapy. I hope things get better for you friend. :blush:

i did find i meant woops

Wow. I’m right where you are. I am 51 and was diagnosed last year by my gp. Only now am I going through the process of being formally diagnosed. Have spent the last 3mths trying different meds but have been left feeling like the crazy lady. So overwhelmed and frustrated. Not sure who to turn to next. Like you im finding it really hard to find support and financially out of reach. Sorry I dont mean to sound unsupportive and full of gloom. Just wanted to share so you don’t feel alone.

Sorry I forgot to say hi and welcome.

Hi Tan, and fmw!

Welcome and yes, it was like this for me too. Diagnosed about a year ago and things are settling down a lot now.

This is a great place to feel less crazy :kissing_closed_eyes::heart:

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