You know you have ADHD when you............

I wondered if people might like to share some comedic adventures they have with their adhd life. I found a thread like this when I was first diagnosed and it was the best thing ever.

It was people with adhd telling the crazy funny things their adhd makes them. I was laughing thru most of the night as I read story after story that could of been me in almost every one. I laughed so hard. It was the first time I felt I fit in. I never knew other people had the same issues I did. To laugh about them was the best relief ever.

They can be one line sentences or few paragraphs. Anything goes. Just stay light and for fun. No meanness.

You know you have ADHD when…You start the day off cleaning and are determined to get the whole house clean. You start cleaning your bathroom, find something that needs to go to the kitchen.

You stop cleaning for second, take it to the kitchen. Wow. This kitchen is a mess. Why did I leave that out from last night ? And you start putting away and cleaning up that mess. The bathroom Is half done and now I start the kitchen.

Half way thru the kitchen I don’t have any more clean kitchen towels. I enter start these in the laundry right away. They take time to wash and get them dry. I need them while cleaning. Stop cleaning in kitchen Go to laundry room start putting towels in washer.

Start washer. Wait I have to disk these from the dryer. Oh this garbage is too full I should empty it. Wow the dryer and washer are so dusty. I should wipe these off. Let me take the garbage out.

Oh wait. I should empty the other garbage cans first. Take them all out at once. Ok.

Left bathroom half done. Now left kitchen half done. Started washing clothes. Now I go off to empty all the Garbage’s. They are all over the house you know.

Empty the living room Garbage’s. Dang these tables are a mess. Why did the kids leave their shoes here. I need to move these. The table is so dusty. I need the spray. Ok. Spray them down. Empty the Garbage’s.

But the carpet is bad. I have to vacuum in here. Go get the vacuum. Vacuum carpet. I should be doing the ceiling while I am at this and the edges. Ok. Did that but since I she the vacuum out I should vacuum the whole downstairs.

Go to next room to vacuum. Now living room
Is half cleaned. Garbage’s bags are collecting in pile to go outside. Kitchen is half done. Bathroom is half done. Washing machine has finished. I completely forgot about it.

This goes on and on all day. Until I get to nighttime. I have every room started. Each room is half done. Lights on all over the house. My husband is about to come home and nothin so finished . It seems worse than before I started even. Now I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to finish all the different things I started thru the day. Which never really gets completely done correctly.

Finally I have fisnihed as much as can be. Time to go to bed.

Wake up in the morning and doing some stuff in the kitchen. No clean towels. What. I thought I did that yesterday. Yeah. The load is still in the washer. Now it smells bad. I have to rewash You know there has been times where I rewash a load of laundry almost every day of the week intending to dry it once it’s done. But never remember it finishes. And keep rewashing it every day in hopes to finish it.


Awesome list! We do have another, similar thread somewhere, but I don’t remember the name of it…:sweat_smile:

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Oh! Oh! Oh! I have a story!!!
You know you have ADHD when you start to brush your teeth and zone out so you start thinking about making a movie and oohhhhhh i should totally do that idea! And then you run into the wall because you were paceing but wait a minute when did I start pacing and where’s my toothbrush??? And now it’s 12 in the afternoon when you started at 9:00…


My favorite is still the time I was sitting in the boarding lounge waiting for a flight to board. I was so hyperfocused on reading the book “Mostly Harmless” by Douglas Adams that I failed to hear EVERY SINGLE BOARDING CALL. I finally looked up when I heard the door to the gangway close and in a panic begged to be let on the plane, but it was already pulling away from the gate.

I have never lived this down. My mom had to get me tickets for the next flight out. But I got to finish my book before that flight boarded. :slight_smile:


You know you have ADHD when you start to read a list about funny anecdotes about ADHD, but then you switch over to another tab and watch a youtube video, switch back to the list and read a bit more of it- think of a few funny things to contribute but then remember that you have to go run some errands, forget about it for several days then come back and find the tab still open and finally leave a comment.


The amount of times that almost happened to me is scary >.<… Maybe I should set an alarm when waiting for planes just in case :p?


When you set a lovely date with your Heart but proceed to book the event for a different day, then after you agree to do said day you plan to meet in the city but realise when you’re there that you have no way to contact him because your phone broke a week before and you couldn’t get it fixed because you accidentally left the broken phone in said boyfriend’s car. SO you have to call your Mum from a payphone to ask her to call him to tell him that you’re running late because of course you are :sweat_smile:

BUT somehow we still managed to find eachother and catch the show in time!

Except I forgot to check that no more buses were running on the way home and with no phone had to ask a policeman to call me a taxi while I danced around at the station to try and stay warm in my not-very-warm clothes…


I see no one has replied to this in 28 days but hi, I’m new here and I think I have some good ones:

You know you have ADHD when you’re talking to a coworker with ADHD and YOU start humming a song mid-conversation and SHE starts DANCING.

You know you have ADHD when you’re talking to a coworker and there’s a long silence and they’re looking at you and you say, “Wait, was I talking?” and she says yes, and that you just stopped mid sentence.

You know you have ADHD when you’re sitting in a meeting before the meeting starts, playing handclap games with yourself, and you tell a friend your mom was surprised you have ADHD and your friend says, “Has your mom ever spent an hour with you?”

…You know you have ADHD when you’re 27 and you’re playing hand clap games with yourself before a meeting starts…


You know you have ADHD when you go grocery shopping and find out you forgot your list (which probably someone else has written for you) at home.
You then spend at least an hour in the store looking at everything that catches your interest trying to decide whether it’s something you want to buy or not.
You then come across a great offer for a sewing machine which you just have to buy because you have so many great ideas of things you could sew with it, after you learnt how to sew. Finally you remember the thing you really really needed to buy and head to the register only to find out you left your wallet at home, too. Thanks to modern technology you’re saved by the ability to pay with your mobile phone and head home.
Later while preparing dinner, you unpack that really really important ingredient only to realise that, while you looked at the correct item, reached out for the correct item, you somehow got distracted and put the wrong item in your cart.


You know you have ADHD when you intend to wake up at 5:30 a.m. to exercise, but the alarm goes off and you hit snooze 5 times. You reason that sleep is just as important as exercise so you turn the alarm off. You finally get up at 8:30 a.m. and realize it’s too late to give the dog his exercise because you only have one hour to get ready for work at 10:00. So you make sure the dog at least has food, water and give him a special treat as a peace offering for skipping his walk this morning. You then get ready while watching the news and realize you needed to leave like five minutes ago! You run out the door only to realize you need to reload boxes into your car (for what seems like the 80th time) to take to Goodwill later, since they were taken out of your car yesterday when your daughter borrowed the car to go shopping for college essentials. You quickly drive to work praying you arrive only 5 minutes late without getting stopped for speeding. You arrive 10 minutes late and slip in the back door hoping no one notices. Luckily it’s summer and you work at a school so you’re not really contracted to be there anyway. Still you told the secretary you were coming in from 10-12 so the guilt is still there. You go to your office intending to really dig into work that’s been hanging over your head for days when you realize your office is a disorganized mess that no one could possibly concentrate in, so you start to organize. You have the time of your life making your office beautiful and functional until you realize it is 4:00 p.m. and you forgot to bake pies (again) for a youth group fundraiser. So you shoot off a text to the family saying you have so much to do that you probably won’t be home before 8:00 p.m. But don’t worry fam - mom’s got the pies under control. Off to the store you go searching for pies that can pass for homemade and pick up some tins to place them in so it’s not so obvious they were bought from the store. Then you get distracted with all the other things you were meaning to pick up at the store. Since you’re there you might as well pick those things up too. You get sidetracked by this and by that until you realize you have 5 minutes to get the pies to their destination 20 miles away. Quick! You pay for your stuff (going through self-check out because it’s quicker) and run to your car to begin the process of repackaging your pies hoping they’ll pass for homemade. Finally you speed to your destination and quietly slip in 20 minutes late with your beautiful pies, giving them to the person least likely to judge you for being late. Then you catch what seems like judging eyes of the super-moms as you quickly run back to your car. Then, back to work you go to finish organizing your office. You’re the only one in the building because no other crazy fool would be at school in the middle of summer on a Thursday night at 8:00 p.m. You start where you left off and before you know it the time is 9:30 p.m. but your office looks great all rearranged! Your husband calls to make sure you’re still alive and you say you’re leaving in five minutes but somehow the five turns in to 20 as you cannot leave the office until your desk is semi organized so you aren’t overwhelmed the next time you come to work. You get home by 10:05 p.m. take the dog out to go potty, kiss the kids goodnight and settle on the couch for some down time. And now it is 1 a.m. and you know you should be in bed but you are typing up a long winded explanation of your day that you originally intended to only be 4 sentences long. And you’re still not really all that tired…


Yup! Welcome to my world, @jstreveler :grin:

Oh wow, the system just told me that’s kind of your real name, I thought it was a really upbeat username you’d made up (Just Reveler/Jester Reveler):slightly_smiling_face:

I have one of these too, not a very positive one but I am over the first horror of realising what I had done now:

You know you have adhd when you discover you missed a really important deadline and you didn’t even know you were doing it :confused:
I got an email in March that I should reapply for my study grant between April and June. I couldn’t deal with it right away so I put it in an email folder marked urgent… But I also started a new job in March so things were busier than when I had set up that folder. The urgent folder got too full and I got out of the habit of using it. Fast forward to mid July and someone mentioned the grant and I thought, ‘I did apply for that, didn’t I? Better check…’ And was totally sick to the stomach horrified to find that I hadn’t, and the deadline was two weeks earlier :confounded:

I guess this is an A* example of what Jessica calls the adhd tax. I threw away €2,500 without even realising. I was somehow convinced I had actually applied for it already and had even had thoughts about the timing of the money coming in and it not being a problem to pay my course fees because this would come in first. I guess I was just remembering the last two years when I somehow did it right.

Not sure if this belongs in here actually as I am not sure I can laugh about it yet. At least I have stopped breaking out in a sweat every time I think about it though. I have got some savings I can use so I can actually still study, thank goodness!

Yes, I made a similar thread to this one! :slightly_smiling_face: Luckily its in my notifications… I would have never remembered the name :sweat_smile: I love reading through these stories.
Its located here: Let’s laugh at ourselves, together


I thought I was in that thread :woman_facepalming::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hence my comment about eligibility since I am not actually laughing about it yet😅

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:laughing: I like that more than one person made a thread like this!

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You know you have ADHD when you made a list for your morning routine that you can look at every morning to make sure to not forget anything but still manage to forget half of the things you do, even if you do them every single morning


I have been known to put get up, take pills, shower, get dressed etc on my list. Some of those things I might indeed forget, but more importantly, I tend to forget how much time all that stuff takes :see_no_evil:

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Same. And then I’m like: oh I can go on my phone for two minutes. I end up being 10 minutes on my phone and then I’m late :joy::joy:

You know you have ADHD when you don’t even have time to eat all of your breakfast in the morning (that’s what’s happening rn :joy::joy::joy::joy:)

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Not to be an unsolicited advice giver, but I have some advice…

Overnight oats baby! Or if you like eggs and have room in your freezer, frozen frittata/zucchini slice… Not the tastiest breakfast but definitely forgetful-friendly!

They should have a section in recipe books specifically for ADHD friendly meals, jussayin…

When you have over 1,000 unwatched videos in your Watch Later playlist on YouTube and have never gone back to watch them.