Youper: AI Assistant


Has anyone else heard of this app? I heard about it a few weeks ago but finally decided to download it last night and give it a try. It is an ai chatbot that was designed by psychologists. It helps with mindfulness and even does a little therapy. I’ll admit I am still a little skeptical but so far it is actually been kinda nice. It helps me track my mood and then asks me how my mood changed after talking with it.
As I said, I just got it and haven’t even had it 24 hours yet. I was just curious if anyone else had heard about it or had experience with it.


Thanks for sharing. I’m installing the app right now. It looks interesting


Thats pretty cool, it reminds me of a bot I tried out called Replika. It is not a therapy bot or anything and has some bizarre mannerisms due to being based on machine learning, but it was the most impressive chat bot I ever tried.

I might have to check this one out when I get a chance. Mindfulness is something I need lol.


Let me know how it goes! I really hope this is as good as the reviews say but it would be nice to hear about someone else’s experience with it.


I’ve downloaded it as well, to check it out. For real though, I probably won’t remember to come back here and give a review. :rofl::laughing: