Your Physical Environment


Recently I went back to college. As I am older, I opted for the cheapest route. I went to community college to get through a few of my pre-reqs and then switched to a very large public school. I went to this same public college when I was younger and couldn’t handle the stress, but I have had so much success since then that I really didn’t think it was an issue. I’ve learned to cope with stress. I have a great support system. I had a 4.0 in community college and fully intended to carry that on.

I noticed immediately that my brain does NOT like this school. It is overwhelming, bright, noisy, obnoxious. Classes are enormous. I’ve never had a problem with content. I love to learn! But I just shut down. I couldn’t get through my classes. Couldn’t make myself focus. I’m in the process of transferring to private college in attempt to alleviate some of these issues.

I started realizing how important environment is for me. I need small environments when I can get to know people and relieve stress through conversation and shared experiences. My question to you is what impact does the physical environment have on you? What calms you? What stresses you? Are there places you avoid or gravitate toward? Have there been jobs you couldn’t handle or jobs that you thrived in? What were the deciding factors?

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Also, if you wanted to expand this to children or childhood, that’d be very welcome as well! I think if we start understanding how our physical environment impacts us, we can make better choices on jobs; choices that set us up for success instead of failure. We can create better classroom environment for children. We can make small changes in our home life.


What a great question. I am also going back to school, and like you taking classes at a community college first. I noticed from my previous college experince smaller class size was very important to my ability to focus, also time of day was very important for me.


“My question to you is what impact does the physical environment have on you? What calms you? What stresses you? Are there places you avoid or gravitate toward? Have there been jobs you couldn’t handle or jobs that you thrived in? What were the deciding factors?”

The physical environment has a huge effect on me. When I’ve worked on noisy sales floors everyone thinks I’m a weirdo because I want to shut myself in a room and just do my job.

Order calms me and chaos stresses me…but unfortunately I’m usually able to tune-out the chaos in my home until it gets so bad that I’m pacing around not sure where to start. Cleaning my house is always daunting, but I’ve learned to use short timers (5-10 min) to get myself started and continually beat it back into submission. Having my home in order is a never-ending battle that I’m often losing, but when I tame the chaos, it’s very therapeutic.

At the moment I’m looking at accepting a fully remote position. I expect it to be one of the most challenging of my life because of the isolation, but it also means I can avoid the chaos of a sales floor. I’m honestly a bit scared about it, but ready to face the challenge.


i get what you are saying, the environment you are in effects all of you. i usually have very hyperactive friends with who i can talk and get hyper with but sometimes i just don’t want to be hyper i just want to relax. some of my hyper friends are the same so we can be very hyper but also can we sit together and watch a movie without conversation. but i once had this friend that you could shout to and he would still answer you very calm so when i was really hyperactive i would start a conversation with him because when i talked to him i would relax and i would talk slower that followed by a less hyperactive mind.

sometimes i hate locations this is because the lights or the posters hanging around when there is to much to see i get distracted sometimes i don’t like a place because of that.

my former jobs are very wierd if you think about it. I used to work in a kitchen i would make starters and deserts in between i would clean my work space or i would help with the main course. i loved that job. but sometimes i would lose it. i couldn’t see what i needed to do first. so it would take me a little bit longer but most of the times i didn’t even feel the stress. at the end of the evening i was always glad everything was over but i also was kinda proud of myself because i did make it on my own and i could do it, it gave me confidence. there were four of us who did the things i did. sometimes we were al there because of a buffet that two of us would take care of. after a few months i found out that one of my colleages had adhd as well and she sometimes strugled as wel. i think my first job has learned me much. most of al to ignore stupid jokes because if you ever worked in a restaurant you know that is al the people in the kitchen do making jokes. i grow in my time working there i got more confident and i got a feeling of responcebility, i worked there for 3 years and if i hadn’t moved i think i stil would.

i think the chaos of my job wasn’t bed for me. i think it helped because my head was a chaos to and as i was working my head didn’t have time to think about other stuff i think the chaos around me made sure i needed to focus and because of that i could finish work. also because of all the diferent orders my brain didn’t get bored. that helped a lot. i recently red somewhere that people with adhd tend to have jobs that give them a rush. because they can focus better in that kind of situation