You're not stupid, or lazy


Hello, new to this whole community, I grew up with a loving family, but still have lived a lonely life, I had few friends growing up and was told I’m weird by friends, isolated myself from people growing up because I couldn’t ever understand people, felt unwanted due to several failed relationships, and never accomplished much due to my low self esteem and self loathing, I never understood why I failed so hard to be happy, to be normal… something everyone else seemed to figure out so easily, i was always making simple mistakes and found the simplest instructions difficult to follow, I figured I’m just stupid… although I was a hard worker I found it hard to show up on time and keep interested in my jobs, I was miserable… I found a job that paid more and that I didn’t have to keep still at and things were better, but there was still something missing, 3 years into this new environment, I marry the love of my life thinking that everything would make sense once were married, that I could make things work if I had a partner, as we started having trouble I feel like I was losing everything I cared about, and at rock bottom, you usually look for a solution to your problem, that’s when I started looking, I looked up how to start therapy on youtube and stumbled across how to adhd, and as she started to talk about the symptoms, I nearly cried thinking that I might not be the only one who feels the way I do, and has experienced the same rejection, yesterday at age 24 I went to see a therapist to validate the research I had done, she diagnosed me with severe adhd, I see a psychiatrist Thursday, it will always be a struggle but now I’m hopeful, I feel like I can take life head on, I hope this brief story helps someone who is struggling, there is hope, don’t give up, your life is too important to let go, thank you for reading and feel free to share your story