YouTube game help


Does anyone else use YouTube when they get stuck in a game that they’re playing?
I often YouTube whatever game that I’m playing when I stuck to help me pass where I’m stuck.


Ohhhh yes xD
Videos are so much easier to understand than trying to read and remember a text guide.


Truly they are.


Yea I like using them but sometimes when I see what I am supposed to do I feel silly thinking “why didn’t I think of that?” The interesting thing that I noticed was that I only used them for games in the Legend of Zelda series. Had to use videos for Minish Cap, Link Between Worlds and Skyward Sword. I Skyward Swords case I flat out rage quit the game for a week because of the trials and watched videos to make sure I never messed up again. But yea videos definitely make more sense than reading about it.


I’ve been using YouTube a lot since I’ve progress further in Zelda Ocarina of Time… Though I still manage to mess up it’s been a great deal of help.


I use it a LOT for DOOM… the in game map is atrocious and I like finding all the secrets. :sweat_smile: