I have dyspraxia, ADHD, aspergers traits (borderline asperger syndrome).

I am a British national. I am from a Middle Eastern background.

I speak Arabic well. I know phrases in Turkish and French.

I am a graduate of Birmingham University, UK and City, University, London. I have a Professional Qualification in Statistics.

I am Mohammed 8 minutes 29 seconds.

In the future , I will show my face , I will not wear my glasses , I will wear a cap ( casquette), speak slowly .

I showed the article and video, to show my creativity, (I can do a better video in the future). (People with ADHD are warm, creative and funny). I do Maths tutoring, analyse data, build websites, I can untertake Computer Programming, I offer myself to help into research into Neuro-diverse conditions, I make videos, I can write articles. I am going to go on stage and do stand up comedy.