I’ll try to keep this shorter than the 50+ trips I’ve made around the sun.

I did fine in school as a kid, graduating college as a teenager. It was in grad school and working life that I have struggled. I’ve done fine as a software engineer, but never felt I have come close to my potential. Though I know I have a lot of the traits, I’ve never been diagnosed with ADHD. Put a neuropsychological test in front of me, and I have the motivation and ability to do pretty well on it. I first found HowToADHD a couple years ago, shortly before those tests I just mentioned. I’ve started the process of getting re-evaluated for ADHD.

I spend lots of my free time as a leader for a few different youth groups. I like outdoor activities like running, cycling, camping, skiing, and swimming. Lots of rocks on running trails tends to focus my attention and rejuvenate me. I like learning how the human mind works and have read numerous books about it. And to stubbornly prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks, I’m trying to learn to play guitar. Okay, that is also partly so I can lead some of those youth groups in song.

I tend to be a pretty introverted and private person, but I look forward to meeting more of you as time goes on, learn from you, and share some of my experiences.

– John